God Makes Beauty out of our Broken Places

by Heather Bock One day, God instructed Jeremiah to head down to the potter's house. He knew we humans understand the divine just a bit better when we have a metaphor, an image at which to gaze. While there, Jeremiah watched as the potter made something on his wheel and afterwards found it was shachath … Continue reading God Makes Beauty out of our Broken Places


Interview with Jeannie Blackmer

Last month, I reviewed Jeannie Blackmer's book, Talking to Jesus, a refreshing book on prayer based on stories of Jesus interacting with people in the book of Matthew. This week, Jeannie was kind enough to answer some of my questions so all of you could get to know her better!   How old are your kids … Continue reading Interview with Jeannie Blackmer

The Love and Truth of Jesus

by Heather Bock Jesus embodies love and truth. The story of His encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4 illustrates this. He knew the truth about what the woman had done and made that knowledge clear to her. I’m sure the people around her had already been harshly pointing out that … Continue reading The Love and Truth of Jesus