My Time is Not My Own

by Heather Bock "Now you will have noticed that nothing throws him into a passion so easily as to find a tract of time which he reckoned on having at his own disposal unexpectedly taken from him...They anger him because he regards his time as his own and feels that it is being stolen." Screwtape … Continue reading My Time is Not My Own


The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson Book Review

by Heather Bock When I first started reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, I was taken aback. In fact, my mind filled with doubt. Batterson begins with a chapter called "The Legend of the Circle Maker," which is a story in the Talmud also recounted by Josephus, the ancient historian, about a man named Honi who … Continue reading The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson Book Review

God’s Time is Beautifully Perfect

by Heather BockLast December, my orchid plant started sending out a flower shoot. It had been a particularly warm December, and my poor plant was confused. It figured, sitting day after day in the warm sunlight of my balmy sunroom, that spring had arrived. As it hadn't been a year since it had bloomed the … Continue reading God’s Time is Beautifully Perfect