The Red Thread: A Guest Post by Bethany O’Banion


My guest post today is by Bethany O’Banion, a gifted poetic writer who is able to make a metaphor come to life. She attends the church I attended in Knoxville, but I don’t know that I ever had the privilege of meeting her then. We were connected, instead, after I moved to Texas through Facebook. I am inspired by her writing and beautiful mind and heart, and I am very excited to introduce her to you. This post about interconnectedness, what we have to offer when we are that way, and the God who truly sees us is beautiful. After reading, please take the time to check out her own blog here for more. I’m also in the middle of a drawing for a free Bible if you’d like to participate–see the end of the post for details. Continue reading

A Fast Runner and a Gentle Wind


by Heather Bock

Don’t miss the giveaway for a free Bible at the end!

Elijah was afraid for his life…and with good reason. Elijah had just enacted one of my favorite scenes in the Bible. He had stood brave and saucy before all the prophets of Baal, challenging them to a god duel of fire. He taunted them with some pretty offensive jabs, asking if their god might be too busy on the toilet to send fire to light their altar. Elijah’sĀ God wasn’t too busy to send down fire, and He did with a fury. Continue reading

Do I Have the Faith of the Widow of Zarephath?



by Heather Bock

God used a poverty-stricken widow to convict me this week. I started by questioning her faith and ended by admiring it.

Elijah had been in hiding, presumably from King Ahab (described as the king who did more to provoke the LORD than all the kings of Israel before him–I Ki. 16:33), during a major drought God brought on Israel as a chastening for their turning away from Him. God took care of Elijah during his concealment, using ravens to bring him bread and meat twice a day and placing him next to a brook that still had water. I like to think the ravens were stealing the food from Continue reading