My Favorite Moments

Although it challenges me, and sometimes because it challenges me, I love motherhood.  I’ve read many lists of reasons why motherhood is fulfilling and precious, but MY favorite moment in motherhood is when the words are just out of my mouth, words of comfort to a sobbing child or words of encouragement to a child ready to give up or words of love to a cozy child tucked into bed, and I suddenly realize that those are the words that God, my Father, my Daddy, speak over me, His beloved daughter.  And suddenly, there He is, right next to me, showing me through the love He’s given me for my children, His love for me.
This happened just yesterday, when I was starting to clean Little E up after she had been eating yogurt by herself with a spoon.  She’s been doing it for a while now, and she can do it very effectively, but she tends to drip it all over her bib, tray, and sometimes arms.  Whenever she’s finished, her mouth and hands are usually covered with it, and I always laughingly comment on what a mess she is.  Well, the poor girl has started to become worried about the mess that she’s made, to the point that she worries aloud, pointing to herself when she is given the yogurt (her favorite food), that she’ll be a mess.  This time, she was doing it again, saying she was a mess while I cleaned her.  I told her, “Eva, it’s ok that you’re a mess!  I’m happy that you tried your best.  Don’t worry, I’ll clean you up!”
As soon as the words were out of my mouth, the Holy Spirit showed me a picture of myself, upset and crying to God for the mess that I am, no matter how hard I try to get it right, and Him looking down at me lovingly, like I look at my precious, messy Little E, and saying, “Heather, I don’t expect you to do this all perfectly.  You’re still learning!  I’m happy that you are trying your best for Me.  You can’t do it perfectly without My help.  Don’t worry, I’ll clean you up!”

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