Last month, I was blessed to have my husband send me off to a writers’ conference, the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, to learn what to do with a Bible study I recently finished, a Bible study on finding images of Jesus in the beginning of Genesis. It would be hard to overstate how valuable the conference was to me. I met so many amazing authors, some already published, some learning just like me. I was encouraged, trained, and poured into by many kind individuals. God even blessed me by giving me a few new good friends, kindred spirits.

What struck me the most, though, while I was there, was the diversity of passions among all of the authors. Most of the people I talked to were excited about what they were writing or had written. I could see God’s hand on so many people as He led each one to write about one thing or other.

One morning, as I walked through the cafeteria, I looked around at all the faces there. The room was mostly filled with unremarkable looking people. They didn’t look like powerful, influential people, really. They didn’t look like warriors. But many of them were.

Through the books that God was calling many of them to write, they would influence and change people’s lives. They would fight battles in people’s hearts. Some would do it through a direct word of non-fiction, others through the example of a fictional character, and still others through the experiences of their own lives. Each one that gained an audience, even an audience of one, would become a powerful influence.

The vision of God choosing this one to write about His grace, this other one to share His love, that one over there to challenge people with His holiness, that we would all be used by Him in this way, was beautiful to me.

When I came home, I carried this vision with me and noticed Him doing it in my church and with my friends, except this time, not through writing, but through other ways that God had called each of these other people to shine His glory in this world.

I Corinthians 12:18-20 says, “But now God has placed the members, each one of them, in the body, just as He desired. If they were all one member, where would the body be? But now there are many members, but one body.”

We each have a part to play, a way to carry God to others. What is your part?


7 thoughts on “Passions

  1. I was a part of that band of writers gathering for a week. I am so grateful that my part includes writing about and teaching God’s Word. But I don’t want to miss any opportunity to serve someone else through a kind word, in building a friendship, or in a prayer. So glad I met you at Blue Ridge! I pray God’s blessings on your Bible study. You’re showing people who Jesus is in your book! A great blessing.


    1. You’re right–my part includes teaching, encouraging, praying, and whatever else God calls me to do each day! I am glad I get to write, though, too. I’m glad I got to meet you at Blue Ridge, too!


  2. Meeting you at Blue Ridge was one of my highlights for sure, but it was also so wonderful to have a reminder that we do all have a part to play in this- even when our part seems small or completely different from someone else’s part.
    It’s easy for me to forget that God has drawn the boundary lines for my life and they fall in pleasant places. I tend to want to compare my calling with everyone else’s calling, but God has given us all unique parts within safe boundaries. I don’t want to want their calling. I want to want my own!
    Such a good reminder.
    Yay for the new blog! And well done!


    1. Thanks! I hadn’t even thought of it from that angle, but that’s a good lesson, too! For a long time I wanted the glamor of mission work in a foreign country. Maybe God will still call me to that, but for now, He’s said over and over–no. It was hard to surrender that, but I’m glad for what He’s given me here.


  3. Isn’t Blue Ridge wonderful! This was my 9th year and I still keep coming. I learn from the classes but the main things that keep drawing me back are seeing old friends and making new ones.
    When I first started coming, Bible study authors were kind of rare. I felt like I was just about the only person there who wasn’t writing romantic fiction of one flavor or another. I love to read them but I sure can’t write them.
    Over the years, I’ve met more and more study authors. Katy, Virginia Carr, and several others whose names have temporarily slipped out of my mid-sixties brain. It’s exciting to meet someone who has the same passion to teach as I do. I love bringing God’s Word to life and helping others apply it to their situations.
    Your study is so important, Heather. Giving readers a glimpse of Jesus is the only way to transform lives. I’m eager to read it when it’s available. My studies help women to apply God’s Word to their day-to-day lives, but that must begin with meeting Jesus.
    Congratulations on your blog. I’ve been writing one for over a year now, every Tuesday and Friday. I love it but building a following is certainly slow going. Check it out at
    A little shameless promotion 🙂


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