Elmo Party


JP turned two and so did his friend two weeks later, so we decided to have an Elmo party for the two of them. I chose Elmo several months ago because JP loved him so much at the time, but by the time we had the party, he wasn’t as excited about him. Oh well, I think he still enjoyed his party!

I made his Elmo invitations on my Cricut. I’m glad Elmo is easy to make with simple shapes!


I wish I were better at photography. It’s a little hard to read the words, but I tried to include lines from Sesame Street in the invitation.


My friend made this adorable Elmo sign to welcome guests to our party:


My Sesame Street sign, made out of cardboard and paper (and bamboo for the pole), directed guests to the food.


Here’s the colorful spread that we had:


My friend made the fruit and veggie platters, that we found on Pinterest. We had to have Elmo, of course:


Here’s Oscar the Grouch, made after a picture taken by Party City:


And Cookie Monster and Zoe, which we found from this adorable Sesame Street party. You can also kind of see the red Elmo dessert plates I put together. They look a lot like this.



We had to serve goldfish, since that’s what Elmo would have liked, along with cookies, Cookie Monster’s favorite:


We had pizza, making an attempt at an Elmo face on this one:


The chocolate cupcakes were easy to make: frosted in white frosting, rolled in red or blue sprinkles, eyes piped on with more frosting and topped with a mini chocolate chip, and mini chips ahoy cookies for Cookie Monster’s mouth and half an Oreo cookie for Elmo’s mouth. My inspiration for the cupcakes was found here. I was supposed to buy jelly beans so I could use the orange ones for Elmo’s nose, but I forgot. Just as I was about to run to the store last minute, Mr. C thought of using ginger candies that we already had. I’m glad he’s a quick thinker! Since Elmo loves his crayons, I loved using crayon candles, although I thought they looked a little creepy stuck in Elmo’s and Cookie Monster’s cheeks. I also did confuse a few kids, who thought they were real crayons set on fire.

IMG_1333 IMG_1145

A few more of our decorations included paper chain streamers:


and Elmo and Cookie Monster balloons.


We planned a few activities: a jar filled with cookies, where kids and adults were supposed to guess how many cookies were in the jar. The person who won took home a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. We also had a Cookie Monster toss. Here is my inspiration for it–a really cute party! I just printed Cookie’s face on several pieces of paper and attached them to a box I had wrapped in black wrapping paper (I’m glad I was able to use that paper from a previous party!). I also made rectangular holes on the bottoms of the sides so kids could get the “cookies” out once they threw them in. I made the cookies from felt sewn around three bean bags I already had with little felt chocolate chips glued on.


We planned other games, too, but really, all the kids wanted to do was go down the slide JP got for his birthday. By the way, JP is in his beloved Cookie Monster costume here, about to go backwards down the slide:


 We gave each child a little bag filled with Crayola products, including a crayon shaped chapstick for the girls, an Elmo coloring book, and a bag of goldfish…


…and said good-bye to all the little friends who joined us!



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