Threads, Part Two

Now for another best moment! In Threads, Part One, I talked about how in a workshop I attended by Jennie Allen, we were encouraged to talk about three of the best moments in our lives. We were then instructed to explain why those particular moments were important and how the thread from those moments went through our lives until now, how God wove them. This strikes me as a good way to get a glimpse of God’s hand in your life. I’m writing about my moments, hoping you will be inspired to do the same!

Ever since I can remember, I wanted to be a teacher, although I can’t tell you now why I wanted to do that as a kid. I liked school, but I don’t remember loving it. Maybe it was because I did love my teachers. If you want to know how nerdy I was (am?), I can tell you that I used to hug my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. G., hard enough to actually lift her a bit off the floor. She was no light weight.

I adored my third grade teacher, Mr. Vigus. He used to joke about my pony tail and ask where I bought it. One day, my mom and I made a tag and tied it in my hair so I could pretend that my pony tail was store bought and brand new—so new the tag was still attached.

My awesome third grade teacher
My awesome third grade teacher
Here's a yearbook picture of me from third grade--I'm the washed-out one in the bottom left corner, looking glad to be there.
Here’s a yearbook picture of me from third grade–I’m the washed-out one in the bottom left corner, looking glad to be there.

It wasn’t until after fifth grade that I realized it wasn’t cool to openly love your teacher so much. Although I continued to work for good grades, I didn’t show any more blatant interest in school or my teachers until I met one of my teachers in college, but that’s for my story tomorrow!

Maybe the fact that it wasn’t cool to be excited about school is the reason I stopped wanting to be a teacher. I don’t know when my desire waned, but I know by the time I entered college, I wasn’t going to be a teacher anymore. My top choice was a book editor–the one who got to read all the books and decide whether they were worth publishing or not. I thought that sounded amazing–to get paid to read! Maybe this is another thread after all–I have been doing some book editing lately!

I’m finally coming to my moment–one of my three best moments. One summer, I went to Croatia with a group of people from my church to teach English to some high school students. I prepared for the trip and went through the necessary training, but it wasn’t until my first day in the class that I team-taught when I realized that this was my calling–to teach! I felt like I came alive when I taught and connected with the students in a way I really couldn’t do outside of the classroom.

Here are a few of the students I taught in Croatia, along with the THREE other teachers with whom I taught.
Here are a few of the students I taught in Croatia, along with the THREE other teachers with whom I taught. I’m the second to the right.

I thought at the time that teaching English as a Second Language was my calling, and it was for a time. After I graduated from college and earned my teaching credential (and while I went on to get my masters in TESOL), I taught ESL for about six years. During that time, I taught every grade level from Kindergarten to college (even adult school). I loved every age group I taught–ESL in all its forms–more than I loved teaching high school English, which I did during the same time period. I may even get to do it again in the future. However, since then, I’ve realized through teaching 1st and 3rd grade Sunday School at church, tutoring at a homeschool co-op once a week, homeschooling my own kids, and writing a Bible study, that my calling is simply to teach. God determines my students and my curriculum at different times, but I can see now that from the time I was a child, He has called me to teach, and teach I will!

God said through Ephesians 2:10, “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” What are your good works that God prepared for you from before you were born?


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