JP was playing with Mr. Potato Head, and he was trying really hard to get the mustache on him, but he couldn’t figure it out. I noticed his troubles and told him he needed to get Mr. Potato’s nose. “Get the nose!” I told him repeatedly. Finally, he got up and walked off for a minute. When he returned, he handed me a snotty tissue and said, “Did it!” Yes, he got his nose!

The other day Little E was looking at the top of Greg’s head.
Little E: Daddy, have you been pulling out your hair? Because you have a bald spot.
Greg: No, it falls out on its own.
Little E: Is it going to grow back?
Greg: No.
Little E: Why not?
Greg: I’m old.

Little E wants a new name, Sparkles in particular, and she’s trying hard to make her new name catch on with others. She writes it at the top of all her papers, and she’s corrected me several times when I’ve used her real name. At her first presentation in front of our homeschool group, she introduced herself to the whole group as Sparkles.

Little E wasn’t the only one to make my homeschool group laugh. When Mr. C introduced himself and was telling about how he loves to play soccer, as proof of how good he is at soccer, he told everybody that when he played soccer with his daddy, he always won.

One day I was reading The Berenstain Bears and the Big Question to Little E and Mr. C. In it, Sister Bear asks Mama Bear, “What’s God?” Without hesitation, Little E cut in and answered Sister Bear, “Oh, He’s a powerful guy!”

Little E was pretending she needed more dollars to buy some food. She had a good solution for getting dollars I hadn’t thought of before. She said, “I need to go buy dollars at the dollar store!”

Since I teach my kids using the classical method, they spend a lot of time at this age memorizing facts they won’t understand until later. It makes for funny conversations sometimes, though. One time, I asked Mr. C a question about his history lesson. He answered, “A past participle is a noun plus -ed used as an adjective or a verb.”

Another example of the kids not quite getting what they’re memorizing came the other day. For some reason, Boise, Idaho was stuck in Mr. C’s head. He said it aloud, and Little E replied, “I wish it were Girlse, Idaho!” Then, Mr. C wanted to know if Boise is full of boys. “I want to be in Girlse where it’s full of girls!” Little E continued.

We had a history lesson about Ashurbanipal, who was known as a cruel dictator, not a well-liked ruler at all. He did, however, support the arts well. At least Mr. C understood the spirit behind this, even if not the details when he said, “There was only one way Ashurbanipal was good. He gave them money when they colored.”

We were studying in our history lesson about the Egyptians, and we learned about their unique coffins. Little E piped up: “I know what a coffin is! It’s in Wall-E!” I racked my brain trying to figure out to what she could possibly be referring, until Mr. C chimed in: “Yeah! ‘Coffin! Rogue Robots!’ ”

I wore a new flowy skirt that goes just past my knee to church. Several times, I turned around to find Little E, who loves my bright new skirt, holding it up in the back, showing off more of my legs than I’d like to in a public place. She said, “I’m holding it off the ground!” When I objected that it didn’t need that since it was short, she said, “No, I’m pretending it’s long!” Oh, it’s ok, then!

Little E might dress in a very feminine way and fill her room with feminine objects and toys, but she doesn’t always act very feminine. One example is how funny she thinks it is to toot, as we call it. One day, she was wearing an Elsa costume, laughing over the fact that she had tooted again. Mr. C looked at her in disdain and told her, “Elsas don’t toot.”



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