Neither Mr. C nor Little E like going to church. Mr. C used to like to go because he would have a lot of fun with his best friend Jackson, but now that Jackson has moved away, he hasn’t liked it. It makes me sad because, one, we go every Sunday, two, I love it, and three, I always hope my kids can see the value in it–learning about God, worshiping Him, and spending time with friends. In a way, it’s a place that represents God, so if they don’t like it, it’s pretty sad.

So you can imagine how I felt when about a month ago, Mr. C said, “I like church now.”

“That’s great!” I said, trying to keep it low key. When I get too excited about anything, Mr. C shuts down. “Why?” I asked, thinking he had made a new friend or something.

He answered, “I like to worship. It makes me feel happy inside.”

Mr. C recently told me he wanted to accept Christ and become a Christian, so I asked him questions to make sure he understood what it meant to follow Jesus, and I led him through a prayer. That was all really exciting, but I remembered Mr. C had also done that at age three. I wondered how much he really did understand, and I wondered when the Holy Spirit would come and take residence in his heart and when Mr. C would start showing some fruit of the Spirit, some evidence that God had started the process of making him more like Him.

This statement of his that he likes to go to church so he can worship God encouraged me and gave me a little confirmation that perhaps the Holy Spirit is working in him after all!


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