Frozen Party

IMG_0530It’s been a really long time since my daughter’s fifth birthday, but I’ve been hoping to post pictures of her party since then, so here I go! She’s not excited about Frozen now, but at the time, she loved it along with most other girls her age, so she wanted a Frozen party. I’m glad she chose it over Tinker Bell because it was a lot more fun to plan and execute! This party was very cheap to put together, and I hope that some of these ideas might help someone planning a Frozen party!

Here is the first decoration the guests saw as they arrived, our welcome sign:


The first room they walked into was reminiscent of Arendelle with purple and white ruffled streamers and banners on the walls.



The next room was Elsa’s ice castle in blues and whites.



My kids made the snowflakes, so that part was easy for me! I made the streamers from two rolls of crepe paper–blue and white. As I pushed them through the sewing machine together, I crumpled them a little to create the ruffled look. I’ve seen several tutorials on Pinterest for this idea.


We had fake snow on the table as a tablecloth.


My husband drew the ice castle on a large piece of cardboard with oil pastels to hang over the food counter, and I framed it out with more of the ruffled streamers.



I cut out a coloring page and colored it with the oil pastels to add to the drawing.


Our kitchen ceiling was covered with more snowflakes that my kids made (they loved churning them out!), and I had bigger ones hanging with Little E’s name spelled out on them.


The food was fun–I get way too much fun out of puns, apparently. I had snow balls (what I call Russian teacakes normally. I’ve also heard them called Mexican wedding cakes).


Here are my icicles (pretzel rods dipped in white candy melts, drizzled with blue candy melts, and sprinkled with sparkly sprinkles).


My favorite were the Melted Olafs, which I found here.



Here are our Olaf noses and Olaf arms, for something a little less sugary.


This is not really cute, but we had to have hot chocolate, since Olaf was so excited about it in the movie.


And although my cake did not turn out looking like I’d hoped (here was my vision), I knew I had to have a Baked Alaska. If you don’t know, a Baked Alaska is cake with ice cream piled on top (two flavors in my case), all covered by meringue and then baked in the oven for 2-5 minutes at a high temperature. I absolutely love the taste of Baked Alaska, and how perfect is a snowy mountain ice cream cake for a Frozen party? However, once it’s baked, it’s not quite as white and pretty, and you really have to put the meringue on last minute, which is hard to do when you’re trying to host a party. My meringue actually fell, as I made it too early, so I had to make new meringue right there in the middle of the party. Oh well, at least it tasted good!



For fun, the girls had coloring pages I printed off the Internet,


and they made their own snowmen out of marshmallows and other ingredients while we waited for everybody to arrive.


I must say that the mini m&m’s and mini chocolate chips were hard to press into the marshmallows!


I put the finished products on blank paper with their name written on it so they could take them home (got this idea from my daughter’s Sunday School class).


We played freeze dance (get it?) to Frozen music, which the girls loved! I wish I had a picture of that, but I only have a video. After that, I took an idea from here, and the girls had an even better time engaging in a fierce indoor mini snowball fight, giggling the whole way through. I put down a line of blue painter’s tape in the middle of the room and a variety of sizes of white and blue pom poms on each side, divided the girls into two groups, and started playing Frozen music. When I stopped the music, whichever team had the least pom poms on their side won. We had pom poms flying everywhere!




After presents, by which time Little E was thoroughly hyped up,


we said goodbye, giving out our thank you presents, which were a variety of Frozen themed items I had found in the Target dollar bins a few months before.


I had more fun planning and hosting this party than probably any of the others I had done before for my kids!


4 thoughts on “Frozen Party

  1. You know, I was surprised that I hadn’t seen all the photos from this party – they are so pretty and imaginative – as usual – and festive as all your parties are! What a joy for Eva!!


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