Adoption Journey: Information Meeting

We haven’t gotten much further in our adoption journey from the last time I wrote, although we’ve been praying a lot about it, asking for God’s leading. We’ve also talked to a lot of different people about adoption, and I’ve been researching on the Internet. From all of that, we have decided that if we do not adopt through foster care, we will use Bethany Christian Services for our adoption agency. We haven’t heard a thing against them and only glowing testimonials.

We went to Bethany Christian Service’s informational meeting last Thursday, and although I now have a few more questions than I did before, in general it was helpful. Thankfully, a sweet friend of ours watched our kids so we could not only go to the meeting but also go to Salsarita’s afterwards to talk about it.

After hearing what they had to say, we are leaning toward infant domestic adoption. They also offer older children domestic adoption in which DCS has no part, so we are also interested in that, but only if the child is younger than three, the age of our youngest. We think this would be the best choice for our family, but we’re still praying about it. We did fill out a free preliminary application for international adoption just to find out which countries would be available to us, but at this point there’s a slim chance we’ll go that route.

We will receive word from Bethany in a few days about our international choices, and I hope to talk to some people soon about their experiences with fostering to adopt. If we rule those out, we will be plunking down $500 to fill out the domestic adoption application in the near future. As the whole process is pretty expensive, we will be looking into fundraisers at that point!

I have told our kids about our intentions, keeping it low key, but asking them to pray for God’s leading. Both of them prayed for an infant girl the other night, but I’m not sure if that was God’s leading or just the fact that they saw my friend’s cute baby girl that day and wanted one of those. It’s interesting to watch our kids’ thoughts on adoption. Mr. C wants to adopt mostly because he’s worried about a child who has no family. He said, “The child might be crying in an orphanage right now!” Mr. C was born with a good amount of God-given empathy. Little E, instead, is more interested in adoption from the standpoint of how it could help her. She usually wants us to adopt a five year old girl so she can have a female playmate around at all times. JP, of course, doesn’t have a clue what he’s in for and how his status as cherished youngest child will be endangered in the future.

We’re so thankful for God’s guidance and our family and friends’ support, especially those who have gone before us and have been willing to share their thoughts with us. We would appreciate any prayers anyone is willing to give for us through this process!


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