Under His Control and in His Timing

To be cliche, God’s timing is not always ours, but it’s always best!

We have a contract on a house! …and we are out of the option period, so it looks like we’re really going to buy it.

If you’ve been reading my last few posts, you know Greg and I really struggled with which house to choose, but like I mentioned before, we kept coming back to the same one no matter how many times we had the dreaded house conversation. We did really like the house, but we kept questioning–we just weren’t sure it was right for us or not. So although we had a contract, we kept our eyes open during the option period, hoping something better would appear. And we prayed hard.

Two houses did. One of them looked almost perfect. And although we looked at both houses the day after they came on the market, both were bought out from under us, one for just $400 more than we offered. Even though we offered more money, the seller wouldn’t take our offer. One more came on the radar, but it had just a few more issues than we really wanted.

During that time, I had several different godly women in my life contact me to tell me about God’s timing, that it is perfect. God used these messages to help me be patient and trust Him. He knew I needed extra encouragement.

Also during that time, the home inspection was delayed, so we had to extend our option period for another ten days. As one friend said, “God is giving you a lot of time to decide.” The home inspection was finally completed, and even though the house is only ten years old, there were more repairs needed than we expected. After much prayer and discussion, we put together a list of what needed to be fixed by the seller. These things needed addressing–plumbing issues, roofing issues, etc., and we couldn’t afford to fix them ourselves. We prayed that God would take care of all these things, or we would take it as a sign that we were not meant to buy this house. We sent a statement delineating the items to the seller, saying we would not buy the house unless he fixed them. So he started negotiating. And we just kept saying he needed to take care of all the items. Finally, the seller was about $850 away from meeting all our demands.

In the middle of this, when I was frustrated and exhausted, I went hunting for Little E’s shin guards that she would need for a soccer game that was to be played the next morning at the same time as Clayton’s. She couldn’t borrow his anymore! I couldn’t bear to buy her a new pair, knowing hers was somewhere in our huge pile of worldly possessions crowding my in-laws’ garage. I climbed over a stack of boxes and pushed aside numerous leaning picture frames, bed frames, and a table and peered in Little E’s top dresser drawer where we used to keep her shin guards, but to no avail. They had been replaced with clothes hangers. I went back inside and prayed that God would please help me find them. Immediately, I felt like God told me to try the other drawers in the dresser. I went back out, and as soon as I felt the shin guard in my hand in the lowest drawer, I started crying. I felt like God was telling me that He was in control of this situation. If He could help me find those shin guards, couldn’t He get us exactly what we needed in a house? I knew we couldn’t settle for less than what we had asked from God. What was $850 to Him? If we accepted the lower offer, I would always question whether we had made the right decision, whether we had gone against God’s wishes.

So that night, with only a few hours left before our option period ran out and no negotiating time left, we terminated our contract on the house. I thought we would just have to rent an apartment. We knew we needed to move to our city soon, since both our kids had soccer, a homeschool co-op, and other activities there, and Greg had work, and the drive was an hour. We had already found one apartment online that looked promising, and we made plans to visit it the next day. I knew no matter what happened that God had it under control, that He would take care of us.

The next day, the seller came back and said he would take care of all the items we wanted fixed. Apparently his agent helped him some, too, to make the sale complete. So we took his offer and “unterminated” the contract with no option period. Now, it’s still not a done deal. There are two sellers on this house, a father and a son, and only one has signed the new contract. So who knows what will happen in the end. I do know that whatever happens, God has it under control and will take care of us.

By the way, if we do end up in this house, it would mean something special to me personally–like a little gift from God–because this house is not a typical Texas house. It’s not that I dislike Texas houses–they’re very nice–but this house is one of the only houses around that looks like it belongs in Prince Edward Island, a place I loved through L.M. Montgomery’s books as a child long before I ever got to see it. I actually took a picture of one house I loved when I was able to visit PEI with my mom. This house, although a bit narrower and a different color (although it is the color I want to paint our new house), is very similar in style to the house we hope to buy.

This is NOT the house we bought, but it is a similar style!

God is so sweet to us. Not only does He give us what we need, but sometimes He even gives us the little unimportant things that thrill us, too.


5 thoughts on “Under His Control and in His Timing

  1. Indeed. A woman once asked the preacher who claimed in his sermon that our Heavenly Father is interested in all of the issues in our lives and she confronted him at the end of the service and asked him if God does care about the small things in our lives or only the big things and the minister replied, “they’re all small things”.


    1. Very true! It’s especially all small compared to the vastness of who God is. He has shown me over and over that He will take care of even tiny things in my life that my closest friends and family wouldn’t think is important for me–even helping me get my hair right or killing an elusive fruit fly. I wouldn’t ask anybody else for help with these things, but I’ll ask God because I know He can and will help me.


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