Little E’s Flower Party

Since it’s almost Mr. C’s birthday, I guess I’d better hurry up and post about Little E’s sixth birthday, which was only three months ago!

Little E settled on a flower theme for her party. She originally wanted a Lalaloopsy party, but she thought that the people in the faraway land of Texas wouldn’t have heard of it, so she decided on a more basic theme.

These flower invitations were easy to make and a lot of fun to fold and unfold. I found a template for them here.



I started planning this party before I had a venue, as we hadn’t bought our house yet, but I didn’t have a huge amount of work to do while I lived at my in-laws’ house, so I spent my extra time cutting and cutting a lot of paper flowers. In fact, I cut so much, I think I permanently damaged the knuckles of my right hand (oops).

We had just made a huge move from Tennessee to Texas, and a lot of life was different for my kids. Throwing big birthday parties in our home is a tradition in our family, and I really wanted to provide that mainstay for Little E during this tumultuous time. Therefore, when the moving date kept getting pushed back and back until it fell on the day before her party, I decided to go ahead with the party in our house anyway. I instructed our movers (my husband, father-in-law, and brother-in-law) to put all boxes in rooms with doors, so we could shut the doors the next day, the day of the party. The people in the houses surrounding ours surely thought their brand new neighbors were insane when they saw the cars, decorations, and a crowd of little girls in party dresses–we did get a few comments later–but it was all worth it.

I put this on the front door to welcome our guests to Little E’s flower party.


We had all the furniture in place, but not a single book in the bookcases, not a decoration on the walls or shelves except for the decorations I had for the party. Instead of unpacking, I proceeded to hang up paper flowers and ruffled streamers throughout my kitchen and dining area. Here and here is where I found the ideas for these two sets of flowers.



In fact, I couldn’t bear to take these last two sets of flowers down for many a week after the party. The color on every wall of my new house is nice, but it sure is bland after the blue, purple, and mint colored walls in my old house.

I later let them and these other giant flowers brighten Little E’s walls.


The hors d’oevres and cupcakes shaped into flowers were inspired by different pins I found on Pinterest and carried out by my sweet mother, without whom I couldn’t have carried off much of a birthday party at all!



My favorite edible was inspired by this site, and ensured that I would finally not forget to serve ice cream with the cupcakes at one of my parties: ice cream flower pots with flowered spoons, Oreo dirt, and gummy worms.


For activities, I had my son hide colored paper butterflies all over our little backyard beforehand. When the girls came and had their fill of flower coloring pages (if they wanted to do it at all), I gave them a colored flower. Their task was to find the five butterflies that matched the color of their flower. Not too surprisingly, the green ones were pretty hard to find! I gave the brightest colors to the youngest girls.


Afterwards, the girls stood in a line to toss a seed (a pinto bean) into a flower pot. I was surprised to see the girls go back to the end of the line repeatedly to do this simple activity. You can believe that we had a lot of small bean sprouts popping up all around that area a few weeks later.

Next, the girls painted a flower pot with bright outdoor paint I had bought in tester size at Home Depot. After the paint mostly dried, the girls filled their pots with soil and a small pansy plant to take home.



The flower pot with its flowers was their main take home gift, but I also had them take home the extra flower coloring pages, and dum dum lollipops from a small lollipop “flower arrangement” I had made in another of the pots.

I can’t say how thankful I was that so many girls came to Little E’s party one day after we had moved in to our new town, two months after we had moved to Texas itself. What a blessing our new homeschool community is here. One girl came from Little E’s soccer team, and of course it was wonderful to have her cousin nearby to attend, too. One of my good friends from college who now has young children even drove all the way from Dallas to attend the party with her kids and husband. This turned out to be not only a birthday party for Little E, but a rich welcoming party for the whole family!



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