Consumer at Janet Surette’s

Meet Heather

Monday was Independence Day for the United States, but it was also a different sort of independence day for me, as I spent a chunk of the day with a good friend of mine who is part of the Freedom in Christ ministry. It started out as a just a social visit, but we ended up going through some of the steps to freedom with me confessing and denouncing lies I’ve believed and affirming truths in their place. I don’t doubt that I’ll be writing about it in a future blog post or two, but for today, I’m reposting one of my old posts over at my friend’s site about a different topic from which I think a lot of us would like freedom: consumerism. While many of us (including me) strive for bigger and better, God might just be calling us to smaller and less for His glory. I think I need my own message.

So come with me over to Janet Surette’s site, and while you’re there, look around a while! I met Janet at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference that I posted about before here and here. She is a wise soul, witty writer, and intentional parent, one from whom I love to learn every week.

Go here for my post on consumerism; plus, you won’t want to miss a picture of the first place where Greg and I lived just after we married. It’s not pretty.


2 thoughts on “Consumer at Janet Surette’s

  1. I too received so much encouragement from the BRCW conference. I now have a blog, and while my goal is to encourage others, I’m finding that God is using the experience to encourage me.


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