God Is Our Bulwark: Guest Post by Kim Scotto

I don’t love this picture of me, but Kim looks as beautiful as always!

Kim Scotto is a godly woman following hard after Christ that I wish I had gotten to know earlier. Unfortunately, we started to connect with each other just a short time before I moved many miles away to another state. I’m so glad I still have the ability to call and text her, as I always love to hear how God is moving in her life. Now you get to hear a little of it, too! Here’s her testimony of God teaching her about how He is a wall of protection for us. Enjoy!


God Is Our Bulwark

by Kim Scotto

I love how God taught me a little more about Himself this summer, and I’m excited to share it. A group of ladies and I were going through the study Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer (great study, by the way) this summer. During the first week of the study, we studied the tactics of the enemy, and on the side, God showed me who He is, and He used bugs to do it–yes, bugs!

Teeny, tiny bugs showed up in our house and seemed to be multiplying, so much so that I saw one crawling in my Armor of God workbook. After that, it was on. I needed to call our exterminator. Their name is Bulwark, so I googled the name for their number. Well, I found a little more than a number; I discovered the definition of a bulwark. It said, “a defensive wall,” which totally struck me (God already had been teaching me about the wall in Nehemiah, which is a whole other story). In the next few days, our exterminator Bulwark came to our house and sprayed to help us with our bug situation.

That same night, I was at a prayer gathering for a family who needed prayers desperately from what was clearly spiritual warfare. Towards the end of the prayer, one of the pastors there felt led to pray lyrics to a hymn by Martin Luther. He spoke the first lines, “A mighty fortress is our God, a bulwark never failing…” Wow, there was that word again, bulwark! Afterwards, I talked to the pastor about the song he prayed, and he told me it was a major battle hymn.  I was so excited; I went home and read the rest of the lyrics online and learned all about this song. The song is apparently based on Psalm 46, which says, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” (Ps. 46:1). God was trying to show me HE is my defensive wall, my refuge and fortress! A great visual for this is in a Youtube video of the song, which you can see here.

Then, maybe a day after all this came to light, my neighbor (a sweet friend doing the Armor study, too) sent me a link to watch a song on YouTube by Shane and Shane on Psalm 46. How fun and crazy, right?! You can listen to this powerful song here. I like this song a lot as it talks about God being a mighty warrior who is in the battle with us.

As a side note, the next week the Lord did a prequel for me by showing that before the defensive wall, there is a wall between us and Him. It’s called the wall of hostility as seen in Ephesians 2:14. He had a neighbor mention this verse and then as I remembered needing to look up that verse, He had a song by Phil Wickham come on the radio that really helped me grasp the concept. You can hear this song here. The visual the song helped me see is that we were in chains, dead and on the side of the enemy, in the dark. He then tore down the wall of hostility, rescuing us from that side to bring us into His side of life, love, and light. After that, he builds Himself up against the enemy as our bulwark. This song came on several times, at times I know He wanted me to hear.

You might think the story ended after some awesome songs and truths, right? Well, it didn’t end there. I kid you not–a few days after I received the song from my friend, a spider bit me a couple of times on my leg while I was in the front yard. I guess the spiders were ticked that I’d called in the big dog, Bulwark, to take care of them. Anyway, the bites started to get big and red and spread pretty quickly the next day. Another neighbor friend of mine, who’s a nurse, advised me to go to the walk-in clinic the next day.

The next morning rolled around, and I was a little nervous, yet not surprised, as I was doing the study on spiritual warfare and the armor of God. To me, this was warfare. I started praying some Scripture to God, saying, “Lord, You knit me together; You go before me, and You hem me in. My walls are continually before you.” Wait, I thought, did I just pray that my walls are continually before Him?? There’s that word “wall” again! I opened my eyes to see the verse I had taped to my wall of favorite Scriptures. Isaiah 49:16 says, “Behold, I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me.” I believe God wanted me to know He is very well aware of any attacks that come at me. He sees. He knows. My walls are continually before Him. In fact, it made me wonder, if He IS my defensive wall, maybe He even feels the attacks somehow.

I went to the walk-in clinic and was put on antibiotics because it was very likely infected. Then a week later, they called to tell me, “Whoops, it’s MRSA, and we need you on another round of antibiotics” (yikes!). All I could do was pray that my family wouldn’t get it. I felt like the Lord said, “I can be their defensive wall, too.” In my mind’s eye, I saw small circular walls representing my kids. Nobody else ever got MRSA, and my bite healed just fine, praise God! Isn’t the Lord so kind?

But seriously, who would have ever thought I could learn so much from bugs? While we do have an enemy, we have a greater God. In the midst of studying tactics of the enemy, He wanted to show me that. God really is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in times of trouble (Ps. 46:1).

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