Just for Fun

Whenever one of the kids says something that strikes me as funny, I jot it down on a sticky note. Well, my sticky note pile has been growing, and I wanted to keep the quotes somewhere for the kids to read when they get older. I’m posting them here because maybe they’ll make someone else (like grandparents) smile, too.


JP had a cough. After he coughed a few times, he said, “I’m making coffee.”

Mr. C has struggled with learning how to tell time. One day I asked him to tell me what time it was. (It was 3:19.) He replied, “30 minutes and 19 minutes.” I looked at him, perplexed, and asked, “Are you sure the 19 wasn’t seconds?” He answered, thinking about the fast-moving second hand, “No, the 19 was like this…” and with a straight face, he stood straight with his hands to his sides, as still as the minute hand, apparently.

JP had a little whistle in his nose; you know, when your nose makes a high-pitched sound every time you breathe in and out. It can be a little annoying when it happens, but JP didn’t think so. He said, “I just like the mouse singing in my nose!”

Little E felt pretty proud of herself.
Little E: I’m really good at sneezing. I’m the bestest sneezer.
Me: How can you tell?
Little E: Because I’ve heard other people sneeze, and I’m the best.
Huh, and I didn’t even know there were sneeze competitions!

JP does know how to count. After hearing we were going on the freeway, he said what he thought came next: “fourway!” And after I asked him at lunch, “You sure are drinking your Gatorade, but are you eating, too?” He answered, “I’m eating three!”

Little E to my husband: Are you a philosopher?
Greg: Yes.
Little E: So you floss a lot?

Sometimes when your kids are young, a breakdown in communication occurs.
Me, after wiping JP: Your poop is green from the dye in the cake you ate.
JP: Pirates die…in the movie.

Mr. C was talking about the days of creation, and he must have remembered that Adam and Eve would soon disobey God, so he concluded by saying, “And on the seventh day, they were arrested!”

JP let out a toot.
JP: What’s that?
Me: That’s you!
JP: No, that’s ew!



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