Kid Quotes

This is the last batch for a while of my kids’ quotes–I finally caught up on writing my kids’ quotes so we as a family can remember them and so we can share them with grandparents!


JP keeps on using a phrase. I don’t think it means what he thinks it means: “in a while.” He said one night, “I want to stay up all night. I haven’t stayed up all night in a while!”

Little E learned a catchy little rhyme from her teacher to remind her not to use too much adhesive when making a craft: “Remember the rule of glue…a dot will do!” She later came up with her own rhyme, “If you don’t have tape or glue, spit will do!” And yes, she did unfortunately follow that new rule.

JP was trying to figure out where God is. I explained the best I could, and while doing so, I started getting into the Trinity (because it’s always wise to try to explain the Trinity to a newly-turned four year old). I told him, “God is 3.” JP responded, “God is 3, and I’m 4!!”

Maybe Little E will go fishing soon–she’s going to try to catch some “Bighead Bass.” I think it’s a close cousin to Largemouth Bass.

JP did not want to put his balloon away when it was time to go to bed. I tried a trick that had worked with him before, saying, “Put your balloon to bed so it can go to sleep.” He wasn’t buying it, though. He said, “But it has no eyes!” Apparently you need eyes before you can close them to sleep. I guess I wasn’t being very logical!

“The water is too cold for my mouth,” JP said, “because it was in the freezerator.” Yep, that’ll do it!

Mr. C loves to be at home. I guess homeschool is a pretty good fit for him. Sometimes it’s hard to get him out of the house. One time when I was trying to get him to come with me, I exclaimed, “You’re a homebody, Mr. C!” He replied, “And you’re an outbody.”

JP was concerned when we moved to Texas and said we were going to buy a house. “Buy a house?!” he said incredulously, “Houses are very heavy!!”

We were listening to TobyMac’s “Steal My Show,” a song we all love. Maybe the song was unintentionally teaching my kids some false theology, though. After we listened to it, Little E had a question: “Why does God want to steal his tv?”

JP loved a song by TobyMac’s son called “Mac Daddy.” After his own daddy had given him some crackers, he had a new name for him: “Snack Daddy.”

JP has a little too apt of a name for the place we like to buy ice cream blizzards: Dirty Queen.


2 thoughts on “Kid Quotes

  1. These have been so enjoyable, Heather! Thank you so much for sharing your family fun with others! Out of the mouths of babes…! It is great to have some down home chuckles from my ‘out body’ friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t think anyone else would enjoy them, but I wanted to put them somewhere they would be a little more permanent than my sticky notes, and somewhere my family could enjoy them. I’m glad you enjoyed them too!


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