66 Ways God Loves You Book Review and Giveaway


by Heather Bock

I get to give away one copy of this beautiful little hardcover book! Don’t miss the instructions on how to enter the drawing at the end of this post. 

The Bible is the greatest work of literature ever created, written by many different authors over a very long period of time and yet unified into one coherent whole. Symbolism streams through the books like veins of gold run through rock. Themes found in Genesis can be found in the history, poetry, prophets, gospels, and letters all the way to Revelation. Yet, more amazing? All of it is a true story lived out by real people, and although the pages of the Bible are complete, we ourselves are living characters in this greatest story ever told.

When I was growing up, my pastors didn’t spend a lot of time exegeting the Old Testament, and although I did read it for myself as a child and through high school, when I attended a Christian college, I wanted more. I decided this would be my best chance to take Bible classes, so although I planned to be an English teacher someday, I only minored in literature (which, by the way, ended up being plenty enough) and majored in Religious Studies (a misleading name–it consisted of Bible, church history, and theology). I didn’t take a single New Testament class while there, choosing only Old Testament, the area where I was weak. This is when I started to discover the richness of the entire Bible and how it all fits together beautifully.

The more I learned after college, the more I wanted others who hadn’t been trained in the Old Testament to dig into it as well and discover the treasures I had found. I wrote a Bible study called Glimpses of Jesus in Genesis for that very reason, and I hope to write more. Therefore, when I heard about the premise of Jennifer Rothschild’s new book 66 Ways God Loves You, I was excited that more women would be hearing about arguably one of the most important themes running through the entire Scripture: God’s love for us. In this fairly short book, Rothschild writes about how God shows His love for us in every book of the Bible, each short chapter dedicated to a book.

For example, in Leviticus, God showed His love by giving us access to Himself. In Isaiah, out of His love, He revealed the Savior to us. In Zephaniah, He sang over us with great joy. In Titus, He shows us how He has equipped us with good works. This book is not meant to be exhaustive–only one example of God’s love is given in each book, when many, many more could be found. As I have already studied the Old Testament quite a bit, I didn’t personally learn a lot from it, although it was good to meditate on and remember God’s love for me. It is the kindness of His love, after all, that leads me to repentance (Rom. 2:4). Also, if I am filled with His love, I will be more able to give love to those around me.

After reading this book, I plan to give my copy to a young woman I recently met who was doubting God’s love for her. It’s a perfect book to give away because not only is it filled with the message of God’s love, but it’s such a beautiful book! It’s a hardback book, and every page is decorated with the colorful flowers found on the cover. I know the beauty of the book is just frosting, but as a visually-minded person, it sure made the reading more pleasant.

Maybe you or someone you know has limited knowledge of the Old Testament or how the Old Testament connects to the New Testament. Maybe you need a reminder of all the ways God loves you. If so, this would be a great book for you!

Book Giveaway

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Winner of Parenting Book Giveaway

The winner of Parenting by Paul David Tripp is Julia Baurain! Congratulations! I will be contacting you soon! Thank you to everybody who participated in the drawing.


11 thoughts on “66 Ways God Loves You Book Review and Giveaway

  1. I love to find glimpses of Jesus in the old testament and I need reminders of how much Jesus loves me so I’m excited about this book ! Thanks for the great review of it. I posted it via all four media buttons below even though we only needed to do three 🙂
    Debbie Jones Warren

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