Thoughts by Mr. C (8), Little E (7), and JP (4)

All three of my kids were watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe film. Near the end of the film, Aslan walks away down the beach and out of sight. JP looked at me and asked, “Where is he going? To Dallas?”

JP: He had Cheetos. I want Cheetos!
Me: You won’t like them. They’re hot.
JP: Get the warm ones.

JP hiccuped and hiccuped and hiccuped. Finally, he called out in frustration, “I keep hiccing up!!”

Little E is definitely a philosopher’s daughter. She asked a few months ago what the meaning of life is. Her words were, “Why do we live here on earth?” She wanted to know why we don’t just go to Heaven and skip all this. Good question for a six year old!

Maybe I need to work on time words with JP, although he makes some good improvisations. I asked him if he was going to play with his trains. He said, “I’m playing it nexterday.”

We discovered some impatiens growing on their own underneath our bushes. Mr. C wanted an explanation. He excitedly asked, “Why are the flowers growing there on their own? I need an exclamation point!”

I’ve been teaching my kids a catechism, and it was JP’s turn.
Me: Are there more gods than one?
JP: No, there’s only one God.
Me: In how many persons does this one God exist?
JP: Three.
Me: What are they?
JP: Um..
Me: The Fa..
JP: The Father, The Son…
Me: and?
JP: The Mom!

Apparently, Darth Vader is bad at spelling.
Mr. C: Someone was trying to write “but,” but he spelled it “butt.”
Me: Who?
C: One of my friends told me about it.
JP: Darth Vader?

Mr. C and Little E were working on gymnastics, trying to do a headstand. Mr. C could do it beautifully, but Little E wasn’t quite there yet.
C: It’s about stomach muscles.
E: I don’t have one.
C: One what?
E: Stomach muscle.
Not even one–I guess that’s the problem.

JP had a good descriptive word for a foggy day: “The sky is soggy!”

I guess Mr. C doesn’t like my opera voice. After I finished singing in it, he said, “All the boys and girls are going to say ‘boo!’ A few minutes later, JP, who was a little confused, repeated what Mr. C said, but the way he said it, instead of the children trying to express their disapproval of my singing, they would all be trying to scare me by saying, “Boo!”

JP is learning Ephesians 6:1-12, but sometimes he gets the words mixed up. When he got to Ephesians 6:7, he said, “With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to Mom.” Mom does make more sense for him than “men.”

Mr. C was being competitive, as usual. He was saying, “I won! I won!” JP took up Little E’s part and said,  “She won! She won!” When he realized he wasn’t ever going to be able to say it more than his big brother, he found another way to win. He quickly said, “I’m saying it a million times in my head faster than you!”

JP may be four, but he does understand that God is good and makes good things. We were at Little E’s gymnastics sitting in swivel chairs, and JP kept moving in his chair and accidentally pinching his arm between the counter and the chair. After a few times of this, he said, “God could not make these chairs.” I was confused by this, and asked, “Why? God could if He wanted to.” JP answered, “No, because they’re bad.”

Little E was praying before bed, and said, “Thank You for pockets, and thank You for the bottom of buckets.” I gave her a strange look, and she said, “I love the bottom of buckets! They’re so helpful! If we didn’t have the bottoms of buckets, the water would all come out!”

Grandma Bock makes some yummy in-house s’mores. She microwaves marshmallows until they puff up huge and then puts them on graham crackers with chocolate. She was describing them and asked JP if he remembered what they were called. Immediately, he said, “sticky.”


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