Blow My Embers into Flame


by Heather Bock

I love sitting by a warm crackling fire on a cold night. Gas logs are ok for ambience, a fire on a tv screen in the background better than nothing, but I want a real, build-it-from-scratch fire blazing in the fireplace.

I have lovely memories of my dad teaching me to build a fire. After he taught me, even though I was the youngest, I became the official fire-builder in our family. I loved crumpling the newspaper up loosely and fitting it in under the smaller kindling pieces of wood, which were under the triangularly stacked chunky logs I retrieved from the stack on the side of our house. My favorite part, once the fire was lit, was to pick up the bellows and gently blow the small flames into bigger ones until the logs had fully caught on fire. Once it was a mature fire, if I used the bellows on the glowing embers, they would revive.

A fire burns inside of me, too. My fire is a fairly mature fire–its first tiny flames flickered more than thirty years ago. However, anyone who has tended a fire knows that after time, it will inevitably die down if it’s not given fuel. Another log has to be thrown on top, and it’s good to pull out the bellows again to breathe new life into it.


My flame is at that point right now–lower than I’d like it to be. The busyness of my life has partially smothered it, and it’s running low on fuel. I’m doing a Bible study, but my mind has not been fully engaged in it, running away with distractions instead. Before the Bible study, it was worse. I pray, but for the most part, my heart has not been as passionate as it used to be. I long for my flame to grow again.

God, praise Him, has been waking me up to this for some time. He introduced me to the Irish band Rend Collective a while ago, maybe even before the flames faltered. Recently, my husband gave me tickets to their concert. I love them–maybe it’s the Irish in me–their accents, their cheerful rhythm that sets me to dancing, their use of creative instruments–going from one to another in the middle of a song, but most of all, their words. Their words kindle the embers in me.

As I drove to work tonight, I listened to their Campfire cd–I believe it was God that put the longing for this cd in my heart and the exact change to buy it the night of the concert. One of their first songs on the cd is “Come On (My Soul)“. It gives me the words I want to yell to my soul: “Come on, my soul, let down the walls.” It’s like trying to shake yourself awake. The very next song “Desert Soul” speaks the very words I feel: “I love You, Lord. But I want to love you more. I need You, God. But I want to need You more. I’m desperate for a desperate heart.”

I’m finding that more and more of their songs currently express my heart. On Sunday, my worship pastor played a song he hadn’t for two years: Rend Collective’s “Burn Like a Star“. I think God knew I needed to sing those words to Him with all my heart:

“We were born for greater things
We were born to chase Your dreams
Come my Lord
Awaken holy fire…
We are aching for the real thing
Hearts are open wide
Burn like a star
Light a fire in our hearts
Send revival, start in us
Set your holy spark in us…
For Your glory, for Your fame
In this darkness light a flame in us”

Their song “Build Your Kingdom Here” begs the Holy Spirit to invade us, the church, to set us on fire. They sing, “Come set our hearts ablaze with hope like wildfire in our very souls.” “More Than Conquerers,” one of my favorites, describes God as the fire who cannot be tamed. I think of Him burning in the bush as Moses watches in awe (Ex. 3). God has been using this image of fire in Rend Collective’s songs to point out the state of my own soul. Most of these songs reflect where my soul is because they don’t say they are on fire for God, but they’re honest enough to publicly ask Him to set them on fire. This is what I want.

I have the fuel, but I need the fresh Wind. I need the bellows of the Holy Spirit to blow hard on my embers and make them blaze bright for His glory. This is what the Holy Wind does. In Acts 2, the disciples were all in one place “And suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. And there appeared to them tongues as of fire distributing themselves, and they rested on each one of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit..”

Do you want to be set ablaze for God? Pray with me that He will kindle the flame within us!



18 thoughts on “Blow My Embers into Flame

  1. A smoldering fire that is not fully burning just produces smoke that chokes and burns the eyes those who find themselves close to it. Not good. I’m praying for a blaze that lights the darkness and warms the soul. Great illustration. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Heather, I love this candid post. I think we can all relate. I also love the way God uses music to woo and draw us to him. I’m going to listen to these songs too!
    When reading your post, I’m reminded of the scripture from 2 Timothy where Paul encourages Timothy to “fan into flames” his spiritual gifts.
    I have confidence that the Lord will build that holy fire in you once again.

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  3. Heather, Thank you for the reminder to ask the Spirit to control us. There is a song we used to sing in spanish Light the fire in me I cannot spell in Spanish hee hee. It’s powerful.

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  4. I love Rend Collective too! And like you, so many of their songs have spoke to and challenged a spiritual dryness in my soul at different times over the past few years. I am with you on this journey of wanting more of Jesus!

    Great blog, looking forward to reading more!

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