Upside Down and Backwards Birthday Party

Little E is not a girl who likes to conform to the norm very much, so her idea of an upside down and backwards birthday party fit her personality well. I found a few ideas on Pinterest, but Little E also helped me with ideas.

I created the invitation with Canva.


We asked the girls to come with their clothes on backwards, and they did!


Here are some of our upside down and backwards decorations–streamers and banners hung low instead of high and balloons hung from the ceiling instead of right side up filled with helium. I stuck the balloons on the ceiling with masking tape–it stayed well.

Our bathroom sign:


As the girls walked into the party, they were greeted with “Goodbye!” and were immediately given their party favor bags.


They were also given a name tag with their names printed backwards, which we called them for the rest of the party. A few girls had the same names backwards or forwards.


Of course, we had to start with presents at a backwards party. After that, we had cake…an upside down cake, of course (literally–not the cherry or pineapple kind). I found tips for how to do this well here. I used a recipe for a dense cake so it would be less likely to fall apart and used wooden dowels inside to make it more sturdy. Little E’s name and age were in letter and number candles positioned backwards on top of the cake. When we sang happy birthday, we sang it backwards: “You to birthday happy…”


Yes, even I was dressed with my clothes and necklace on backwards. You can’t see this in the picture, but even my earrings were in backwards.


After cake, the girls had snacks: crackers on top of cheese slices, upside down strawberries with grapes, upside down Gatorade bottles, and water. I wrote the word ‘water’ spelled backwards on the pitcher with a dry erase marker, so I could erase it easily after the party.

Of course, they ate all this under the table.


 After snacks, it was game time! We started with the piñata that had been hanging upside down. We had to put it right side up in order to pull the ribbons.



The only problem was that although the girls each pulled a ribbon (the way this type of piñata is supposed to work), it never spilled its candy. We had to go outside to finish the job, where we also had races where they ran backwards. I would yell, “On your marks, get set, stop!” When taking pictures outside, they all thought they should frown instead of smile.


Then we went inside and had more games: Goose, Goose, Duck, where they were supposed to run backwards around the circle after each other;


freeze dance where they danced when the music stopped and froze when the music played;


and backwards charades where everybody acted out something while just one girl guessed the answer.


This was the perfect party theme for seven year old girls. They really got into it (or at least I hope they were getting into it), telling me that the party was terrible.


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