Cherrilynn Bisbano Guest Post: Magical Power Stick and Other Ways of Gaining Control

This week, fellow writer Cherrilynn Bisbano gave me the opportunity to guest post one of my older posts over at her site. I’ll give you the beginning of it, and you can hop on over to her site to read the rest!


Magical Power Stick and Other Ways of Gaining Control

My youngest, JP, will be four on Friday. He’s no baby anymore, but he is limited in certain areas in comparison to his oldest sibling, Mr. C, who is eight and a half. Mr. C doesn’t torment him too much (not as much as he has his sister), but Mr. C has been known to wield his size as power against his little brother to tickle him or take a toy he’s afraid JP will break or lose.

The other day, JP found a fun way to turn the tables on his big brother. We have a long, skinny plastic stick, from the end of which hangs a long, skinny piece of colorful fleece, which can be whipped around to make our cat pounce or jump flips in the air if he’s feeling particularly frisky (not often anymore, now that he’s thirteen). Well, JP found this stick and decided it would be fun to run around the house after his brother with it. I’m not sure if he was hitting his brother with it or just taunting him, but Mr. C was running away, yelling–a very satisfying experience for an almost four year old boy.

As soon as I saw what was happening, (click here to read the rest).

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  1. What a tangible illustration of something we do even as adults yet much less tangibly (like using sarcasm or guilt). It is amazing how much power we want when we’re not getting our way or when we feel small–and yet how God is offering us something better–access to his security and power.

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