NIV Adventure Bible: Polar Exploration Edition Review

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by Heather Bock

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My son has owned the NIrV Adventure Bible for Early Readers for a while now–it’s a version put into easier language for young readers. Now that I have the NIV Adventure Bible, I think it’s time to give his early reader version to his younger brother and upgrade him to this regular version.

This Polar Exploration edition has the same features that I enjoyed in his previous Bible. It has small articles accompanied by pictures titled “Life in Bible Times” and “People in Bible Times” sprinkled throughout to help children understand what life was like during the time the Bible was written, so they are better able to understand the context.

For example, on the page where John 20 is printed, when Jesus was buried and placed in the tomb, a paragraph explains the way Jews in Jesus’ day buried people. Placed among the words of Zechariah 2, where a man is described with a measuring line, a paragraph explains how carpenters used reeds and strings to measure distances instead of measuring tapes, rulers, or yardsticks. It also has a picture to show a man measuring some building stones. The pictures included are just as helpful as the explanation. In Isaiah 65, when the prophet writes about old age, a section is given that explains how older people were especially respected in Bible times. Other places have explanations about specific people like Zechariah and Elizabeth.

Adventure Bible Confidence

“Did You Know?” paragraphs also give a lot of helpful information for children to better understand what they are reading. Each answers a question and gives a specific verse reference that it is clarifying. For example, in the difficult section in I Chronicles 13 when Uzzah is killed for touching the ark, the authors address the question children might have: “Why did God kill Uzzah?” In Esther, the authors answer “Why is the holiday that celebrates the Jews’ deliverance called Purim?” Another question in Romans 16 is “Why does Paul call others in the church his brothers and sisters?”

Each book of the Bible is introduced with “Who wrote this book?,” “Why was this book written?,” “For whom was this book written?,” “When was this book written?” and other pertinent questions and introduction information. All of this is important to understand the context. At the end of the Bible are 8 full-color maps from Bible times, as well as a subject index, activity index, dictionary-concordance, and an especially informative map index.

I also enjoy the “Words to Treasure” verses that are set apart in bold with a picture of a chest spilling over with gold coins. These verses are ones that have been memorized and cherished by generations. I like how they are pointed out in this way so my son will truly notice them.

Even more, I appreciate the “Live It!” sections–usually longer than the other sections mentioned above. These give practical ideas for how children can apply the verses to their own lives. For example, in II Corinthians, an anecdote is given about an 11 year old who feels he can’t do something. Listing several topics that the boy could be talking about, the authors ask what the child reading feels he/she can’t do. They go on to apply II Corinthians 12:7-10 to the problem–that when we feel weak, we can go to God for help.

This Bible includes 20 full-color pages, many the same as the previous Adventure Bible I own, such as “How to Use This Bible,” “Ten Commandments for Kids,” “Famous Old Testament Prophets,” “Famous Children of the Bible,” “How to Pray,” and “How to Know You Are a Christian.” Added to this Bible, some pages bring improvement, such as “What Jesus Taught About…” On this page, passages are given about Jesus’ teaching on such subjects as anger, greed, loving God, and worry. Especially helpful is the page “Bible Verses to Read When You Feel…” If children feel sad, unimportant, tempted, scared, or another such feeling, verses are given to help them through these hard emotions.

All of this is packaged in a beautiful metallic hardback cover with arctic pictures of polar bears, narwhals, penguins, and snowy mountains that many children would enjoy.

Although this Bible will hopefully be read year-round, the arctic cover makes it especially appropriate to give as a meaningful Christmas present to a son or daughter, grandchild, nephew, or niece.

I’m excited to give away one of these Bibles, but if you don’t end up being the winner in my drawing and would like to buy one yourself, click HERE to find where to purchase it.

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  1. Heather, this Bible sounds wonderful! I imagine children would be excited to study the Bible with the explanations. Thank you for sharing.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful Bible for kids, Heather! And sounds like it has amazing sidebars and extra info that I’d love, too!!

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