The Justice of Joseph

by Heather Bock Reading the Christmas story this year made me start thinking about what it means to be righteous. I don’t mean the righteousness that covers us as a result of Christ’s death and resurrection, and the faith that we put in Him as our only salvation (Phil. 3:9). I’m talking about living righteously … Continue reading The Justice of Joseph


A Small Christmas: A Guest Post by Lizzie Attaway

I recently read a post by Lizzie Attaway, which impressed me very much, and I wanted to share her writing with all of you! Lizzie is a woman who follows hard after God, and I hope you will all enjoy this post about smallness that she was kind enough to write for me. If you … Continue reading A Small Christmas: A Guest Post by Lizzie Attaway

Two Bibles, Two Winners

by Heather Bock I don't have a post today--I'm just checking in to announce the new winner for the Beginner's Bible, as I never heard back from the last winner. My new winner is Jeanne Doyon! Congratulations, Jeanne! Please contact me with your address, so I can send your Bible to you right away! Thank … Continue reading Two Bibles, Two Winners