Brick Builders Illustrated Bible Review

by Heather Bock When my boys, ages six and ten, saw the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible being taken out of its box at my kitchen table, the excitement was palpable. “Is that a Lego Bible??” the younger one asked incredulously. “No,” interjected the older one. “It looks like Roblox!” “That’s so cool!” they both said, … Continue reading Brick Builders Illustrated Bible Review


Three Steps to Conquer the Chaos of Christmastime

by Heather Bock I am very busy. I homeschool three young children, teach at my homeschool community once a week, help lead a community group at church with my husband, teach adult ESL three nights a week not including meetings and required trainings, write one to two posts a week for my blog, review one … Continue reading Three Steps to Conquer the Chaos of Christmastime

Reposting Enough

I posted this post a few years ago, but I thought its message of thankfulness coming after Christmas was fairly timely now, so here it is again! Here we go... Christmas is coming earlier for our family this year. We’re going out to see my side of the family for Thanksgiving this year and because … Continue reading Reposting Enough