The Heart of Fostering

by Heather Bock On January 7, a one-week old sleeping baby girl, head tilted to the side as she lay dwarfed in her infant car seat, was gently set down in our entryway. We had been officially licensed to foster for a week and a half, and although this girl was the first to enter our … Continue reading The Heart of Fostering


The Justice of Joseph

by Heather Bock Reading the Christmas story this year made me start thinking about what it means to be righteous. I don’t mean the righteousness that covers us as a result of Christ’s death and resurrection, and the faith that we put in Him as our only salvation (Phil. 3:9). I’m talking about living righteously … Continue reading The Justice of Joseph

The Protection and Love of a Mama Cat

by Heather Bock My family and I will soon be adopting two kittens. We have to make it past our family camping trip, but after that, we hope to bring home two sweet fluffy babies. It is very possible that I am more excited than my kids even are about this. This past February, we … Continue reading The Protection and Love of a Mama Cat