Beyond Me

Toby Mac is heard in my car a lot. I don't enjoy much "kid's music" besides some classic Disney, so I try to find music that both I and my kids can enjoy at the same time. Toby Mac happens to be a favorite of mine and of my kids. JP regularly asks for "Mac Daddy"--his name … Continue reading Beyond Me


80’s Dance Parties and Rest

Last week, I talked about what I think I need to do in order to get the weight of work off my shoulders so it doesn't cause stress and anxiety to me and, of course, to all around me, since my attitude affects my whole family's attitude (ever hear that great Southern platitude--"If Mama ain't … Continue reading 80’s Dance Parties and Rest

When I Die, My Inbox Will Be Full

It's the second full week of January, and I still haven't started on my New Year's resolutions. I can't even bemoan that I've already broken my New Year's resolutions because, as I just said, I haven't even begun them. Of course, my list is much longer than it should be. I remember giving advice to a … Continue reading When I Die, My Inbox Will Be Full