Reposting Enough

I posted this post a few years ago, but I thought its message of thankfulness coming after Christmas was fairly timely now, so here it is again! Here we go... Christmas is coming earlier for our family this year. We’re going out to see my side of the family for Thanksgiving this year and because … Continue reading Reposting Enough

Making Thankfulness a Lifestyle: Guest Post by Andy Lee

Don't miss a chance to win a free Journal the Word Bible! See how at the end of this post. I met Andy Lee at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference the first year I went, in 2014. She may not even remember this encounter, as we meet many people at Blue Ridge, but … Continue reading Making Thankfulness a Lifestyle: Guest Post by Andy Lee

Grumbling over Luxuries

This happened today. I'll spare you a picture of the ugliness underneath the lovely red wrapping. I was rushing to finish cutting the last slice of the cheese block for sandwiches because, as usual, I was running late. The very sharp, much loved Cutco knife I had received for Christmas slipped sideways through the cheese and almost … Continue reading Grumbling over Luxuries