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Hi, I’m Heather Bock! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. If you’re curious, let me introduce myself.

Greg and I have been married for almost eighteen years, loving each other through it all and strengthening our marriage whenever we see a weak spot. Greg is a philosophy professor and director of an ethics committee at a nearby university.  Greg and I are originally from California, but we spent ten beautiful years in east Tennessee, and we are now Texans.

I’m an English as a Second Language teacher to adult students at a literacy council three nights a week. My daughter, Little E, age 9, attends a sweet classical school nearby, and I homeschool my boys, Mr. C, age 11 and JP, age 6, using Classical Conversations as our community. I love to read, write, study God’s Word, run, host parties, and hike. We also recently started fostering, hoping to adopt someday.

In college, I majored in Religious Studies (with a focus on theology and Bible), and I minored in Literature and French. I love finding symbols of Jesus in the Old Testament. In fact, I’ve written a Bible study called Glimpses of Jesus in Genesis, which I hope will someday be published.

I’m busy, but unless God says so, I wouldn’t give any of it up. Life is short, and I want to be used by God every day of it. I hope what I write will be a blessing and encouragement to you and that all of it will glorify God.

I would love to pray for you! If you have any prayer request, please email me at heather.bock[at]glimpsesofjesus.com, and I will be sure to pray for you.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Heather, I so enjoy your blog. I share with grandma as much as I think she can absorb. She is very proud of her family. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Antonette! I’m so glad you share it with her. I pray for you and Grandma all the time, and my kids pray for Grandma daily. We love you even though we don’t get to see you!

  2. Heather ,
    Your blog is wonderful and I loved the story of how you have opened your heart to the less fortunate. I enjoy being able to help those that are needing a helping hand, and especially God’s hand. Since I retired 10 years ago I’ve had more time for volunteering at non profits for homeless, for children, women and men, and working with meal coalitions, housing, resources for jobs, etc. It is truly a blessing to be able to reach out to others. Bless you for giving back to the world.

  3. Hi There!! Loved your story for your 9 year old’s Kitty Party. It looked like they had a wonderful time!! I am looking to see if I could get the Famous Kitty Name Game from you, please? I have a kitty party planned and that game would be fun to play with the kids.

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