About Me and My Family


Hi, I’m Heather Bock! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. If you’re curious, let me introduce myself.

Greg and I have been married for fifteen years, loving each other through it all and strengthening our marriage whenever we see a weak spot. Greg is a philosophy professor and director of an ethics committee at a nearby university.  Greg and I are originally from California, but we spent ten beautiful years in east Tennessee, and we are now new Texans.

I’m an English as a Second Language teacher to adult students at a literacy council. I homeschool my three kids: Mr. C, age 9; Little E, age 7; and JP, age 4 during the day, using Classical Conversations as our community. I love to read, write, study God’s Word, run, host parties, and hike.

In college, I majored in Religious Studies (with a focus on theology and Bible), and I minored in Literature and French. I love finding symbols of Jesus in the Old Testament. In fact, I’ve written a Bible study called Glimpses of Jesus in Genesis, which I hope will someday be published.

I’m busy, but unless God says so, I wouldn’t give any of it up. Life is short, and I want to be used by God every day of it. I hope what I write will be a blessing and encouragement to you and that all of it will glorify God.

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