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    What’s Your Wish List for Your Father God: A Repost

    I’ve decided to repost a blog post I wrote two years ago. I hope it will be a blessing to you. What’s Your Wish List for Your Father God? by Heather Bock originally posted December 7, 2016 I don’t know about your kids, but mine have become pretty excited about their wish lists, Amazon wish lists to be specific. They ask to see them fairly regularly and keep finding more to add to them. My two oldest know how to navigate to their online wish lists on their own, and they know how to add new items themselves. They’re getting better about checking the price, knowing that nobody in our family…

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    Brick Builders Illustrated Bible Review

    by Heather Bock When my boys, ages six and ten, saw the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible being taken out of its box at my kitchen table, the excitement was palpable. “Is that a Lego Bible??” the younger one asked incredulously. “No,” interjected the older one. “It looks like Roblox!” “That’s so cool!” they both said, as they immediately started flipping through the pages. I had to be quick to save one of them from being rifled through, so I could give away one clean copy to one of my readers. My oldest perused it during lunch, and my youngest didn’t let the Book lie until he had gone through all…

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    The Beginner’s Bible Review

    by Heather Bock I get to review another classic! My kids grew up with and loved this Bible filled with typically chosen Bible stories for children, so it’s fun that I can review it and give away two copies, especially right before Christmas, so they can be given to two more children as presents. I really don’t have anything critical to say about this Bible. I can tell you what I like about it, though! I like that it has more stories in it than many of the children’s Bibles I’ve looked at and reviewed (and I’ve looked at quite a few). Where many a children’s Bible might have 35-50…

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    Ellie Claire Art Journals Review and Giveaway

    by Heather Bock Oh my goodness, how excited was I when I opened the box that contained three Ellie Claire art journals that I have the blessing to review and give away! They looked cute on the website where I signed up for this promotion, but they were so much cuter in person. If I were an artist, journal writer, or coloring page aficionado, I wouldn’t be giving them away at all. As it is, I can only give away two because my creative daughter laid claim to one. I will, however, review all three, just in case you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself or a friend. Let’s start…

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    Are You Fighting or Soaring with the Holy Wind?

    by Heather Bock I’m in the middle of a drawing for an NIV Adventure Bible: Polar Exploration Edition! Make sure to read to end to find out how to enter. A few days ago, I walked out in the afternoon into the wild embrace of an unpredictable wind. It swirled around unexpectedly, tearing golden and scarlet leaves off their branches, sending them scattering through the street. I looked in amazement at the feather-like streaking of cirrus clouds mingled with the odd-shaped cumulus clouds it produced, high, high above me. Later, I took my daughter to swim practice before work, and I opted to sit in the car while I waited.…

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    Winner of Tori Kelly CD

    Last week, I drew a winner in my giveaway for Tori Kelly’s new cd, but I was not able to get a hold of the winner. I have drawn a new winner, and I have no name, but her profile is snowflakesofbflo! Congratulations! Be sure to contact me at heather.bock[at]glimpsesofjesus.com with your address, and I will have the cd sent to you! If I don’t hear from you by Wednesday, October 10, I will have to draw a new winner. Thank you!

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    Tori Kelly’s Hiding Place CD Review

    by Heather Bock Don’t miss a chance to win a free copy of this new cd–keep reading until the end! This week I had the opportunity to receive a copy of Tori Kelly’s new cd, Hiding Place, and review it here. Honestly, I had never heard of Tori Kelly before I was asked if I wanted to review her newest Christian cd, but I found her on YouTube singing a song for the movie Sing, decided I liked her voice and wanted to try out her music. I also saw that this cd was produced by Kirk Franklin, with all of the songs either written or co-written by him. Kirk Franklin…

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    The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible Book Review

    by Heather Bock I regularly read the Bible to my six-year-old son, and since he’s not quite ready for the NIrV yet, I read him children’s story Bibles. Story Bibles don’t usually tend to be very long, so as a consequence, I regularly need another Bible to read to him. We have so many now that JP recently went through the house collecting them all to show the large amount of Bibles he owns. He made quite a pile! Despite that, I was happy to hear of the opportunity to receive a new story Bible to review here. The Bible I was given is The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible by Doris…

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    Confessions of an Adoptive Parent by Mike Berry Book Review

    by Heather Bock Don’t miss a chance to win a copy of this book: read down to the end! I received the opportunity to read and review this book in exchange for my honest opinion on this blog at the end of last year. I didn’t delete the email, but I wasn’t excited about it because at that time, although I was longing to someday become an adoptive parent, I wasn’t sure when that day would ever come. In January, however, I was surprised when God seemed to start fulfilling my dream, and we set in motion the process to adopt through foster care. Around a month ago, I was…

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    Three Steps to Conquer the Chaos of Christmastime

    by Heather Bock I am very busy. I homeschool three young children, teach at my homeschool community once a week, help lead a community group at church with my husband, teach adult ESL three nights a week not including meetings and required trainings, write one to two posts a week for my blog, review one book a month, read another book a month for my book club, and on top of all that, I’m learning Spanish. Sound familiar? Your activities might be different, but I bet… (read more at Everyday Pearls). My post is over at Megan Lacefield’s blog Everyday Pearls today, who was kind enough to let me guest…