Can You Accept God’s Forgiveness for Your Brokenness?


by Heather Bock

Last night, as I tucked my boys in bed, JP was focused on the planets hanging from the ceiling. He wanted to know which planets had people on them, which were hot, which were icy, and on and on. My daughter was waiting for me to tuck her in, supposedly in her room, and I wasn’t making very fast progress. Suddenly, we heard a loud shattering crash right outside the bedroom door, followed by silence. I opened the door quickly, being careful not to let the cat run out over the broken glass around the bare feet of my daughter who stood frozen in front of the door. Continue reading

The Many Ways Sin is Like a Deadly Weed, Part Two

Dig up the Root of your Sin

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by Heather Bock

Last week, I wrote about the sin metaphors that run through my head every time I attack the large amounts of weeds in my yard. If you didn’t get to read it, you might want to click here to read it first. I gave several similarities between weeds and sin, but many more remain.

Once a gardener prioritizes which weeds to pull, she needs to do it right.

When I pull weeds, I much prefer to do it with my kids’ help rather than doing it alone. The only problem is that even though I tell my kids how to do it, it takes some practice and maturity to start doing it right. Continue reading

Do Kids Pray Stupid Prayers?


My son, looking for answers

by Heather Bock

Mr. C, Little E, and I were having a discussion at the kitchen table, a place where we spend a lot of time since we do a good chunk of our homeschooling there. I was telling them how God had answered a prayer of mine, and He had answered yes. Mr. C remarked that God doesn’t answer his prayers much. I don’t remember how I responded, but I don’t think I did a good job because Mr. C said, “Kids pray stupid prayers! Adults pray good prayers!” Continue reading