God Isn’t Fond of Complaining

by Heather Bock I'm an external processor--you know, one of those people who pretty much has to talk out loud in order to think (preferably to someone else). I don't know if this is common for external processors, but it makes sense to me that it would be--I also have a problem with complaining. I … Continue reading God Isn’t Fond of Complaining


The Two Most Courageous Women I Know

Today I had the privilege of guest posting over at LaTan Murphy's blog. Read the beginning here and finish at her site, or just go over there to start! by Heather Bock Who is the most courageous woman you know? As you consider this, remember that courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is facing … Continue reading The Two Most Courageous Women I Know

God’s Time is Beautifully Perfect

by Heather BockLast December, my orchid plant started sending out a flower shoot. It had been a particularly warm December, and my poor plant was confused. It figured, sitting day after day in the warm sunlight of my balmy sunroom, that spring had arrived. As it hadn't been a year since it had bloomed the … Continue reading God’s Time is Beautifully Perfect