God’s Time is Beautifully Perfect

by Heather BockLast December, my orchid plant started sending out a flower shoot. It had been a particularly warm December, and my poor plant was confused. It figured, sitting day after day in the warm sunlight of my balmy sunroom, that spring had arrived. As it hadn't been a year since it had bloomed the … Continue reading God’s Time is Beautifully Perfect


I Am Not Enough, But He Is

by Heather Bock This week I had the honor to guest post over at Carole Sparks' blog, Intentional Parenting. I hope you'll visit and read it there! Here's the start: As a mother, I am broken. I am not enough. Since the moment I knew life was growing inside me, I wanted so much to be … Continue reading I Am Not Enough, But He Is

If I Don’t Have Love

by Heather Bock If you've read this blog long, you probably know I wrote a Bible study several years back while my kids napped or took a mandatory quiet time. It came together little by little during that one hour a day. I had just come off of a ten study streak of Beth Moore … Continue reading If I Don’t Have Love