A Thirty-Six Year Journey

by Heather Bock My journey began thirty-six years ago. You see, I'm about to turn forty years old--a milestone that both disturbs me and heightens my desire to follow what I feel God has called me to do and live this life fully for Him. As Switchfoot sings: "Life is short; I want to live … Continue reading A Thirty-Six Year Journey


What Happens When the Healing Doesn’t Come?

by Heather Bock What happens when the healing doesn't come? I injured my calf almost a year ago running. I'm not sure why this injury still haunts me, but twinges of pain still occasionally shoot through the muscle now and then. As a result, I, the one who has been running since sixth grade, am … Continue reading What Happens When the Healing Doesn’t Come?

God Isn’t Fond of Complaining

by Heather Bock I'm an external processor--you know, one of those people who pretty much has to talk out loud in order to think (preferably to someone else). I don't know if this is common for external processors, but it makes sense to me that it would be--I also have a problem with complaining. I … Continue reading God Isn’t Fond of Complaining