Jesus Loved, So He Waited

by Heather Bock Jesus was friends with a family in Bethany, two sisters and a brother: Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. At one time, Mary had sat at Jesus' feet to hear Him speak while her sister worked hard to prepare something good for Him to eat. Now Lazarus was seriously ill. The sisters knew Jesus … Continue reading Jesus Loved, So He Waited


Do You Have Deferred Dreams?

by Heather Bock "Aaahh! I don't want to hear all this!" I wrote these words in my notes for a talk at the Declare Conference entitled "When God Changes Your Direction" by Jamie Bates. Her talk seemed to have been written directly for me, and I was both deeply encouraged and deeply challenged by it. … Continue reading Do You Have Deferred Dreams?

Up on Daddy’s Shoulders: Trusting or Trembling?

by Heather Bock Don't miss a giveaway I have at the end of this post for a new Matt Redman cd!! My youngest son, JP, has been a rather fearless kid. At two, he was climbing up to the top of the twisty tunnel slide with no problem (nothing like my other two). He went … Continue reading Up on Daddy’s Shoulders: Trusting or Trembling?