God’s Time is Beautifully Perfect

by Heather BockLast December, my orchid plant started sending out a flower shoot. It had been a particularly warm December, and my poor plant was confused. It figured, sitting day after day in the warm sunlight of my balmy sunroom, that spring had arrived. As it hadn't been a year since it had bloomed the … Continue reading God’s Time is Beautifully Perfect


God’s Love: Adoptive Father

Greg and I are in the middle of the process of deciding how we will adopt a child, God willing that we should. There are so many possibilities, it is mind boggling. Should we choose an embryo, a life on hold, and give it a chance to really live? How about a newborn baby, one … Continue reading God’s Love: Adoptive Father

Adoption Journey: Information Meeting

We haven't gotten much further in our adoption journey from the last time I wrote, although we've been praying a lot about it, asking for God's leading. We've also talked to a lot of different people about adoption, and I've been researching on the Internet. From all of that, we have decided that if we … Continue reading Adoption Journey: Information Meeting