God’s Love: Adoptive Father

Greg and I are in the middle of the process of deciding how we will adopt a child, God willing that we should. There are so many possibilities, it is mind boggling. Should we choose an embryo, a life on hold, and give it a chance to really live? How about a newborn baby, one … Continue reading God’s Love: Adoptive Father


Adoption Journey: Information Meeting

We haven't gotten much further in our adoption journey from the last time I wrote, although we've been praying a lot about it, asking for God's leading. We've also talked to a lot of different people about adoption, and I've been researching on the Internet. From all of that, we have decided that if we … Continue reading Adoption Journey: Information Meeting

The Beginning of Our Adoption Journey

Greg and I have begun the journey to adoption, a journey that I had been hoping to embark on for many years, since before I can remember! When I was young, many of my favorite books centered around orphans: almost all the books by L.M. Montgomery (author of Anne of Green Gables), one book I … Continue reading The Beginning of Our Adoption Journey