Brick Builders Illustrated Bible Review

by Heather Bock When my boys, ages six and ten, saw the Brick Builders Illustrated Bible being taken out of its box at my kitchen table, the excitement was palpable. “Is that a Lego Bible??” the younger one asked incredulously. “No,” interjected the older one. “It looks like Roblox!” “That’s so cool!” they both said, … Continue reading Brick Builders Illustrated Bible Review


The Beginner’s Bible Review

by Heather Bock I get to review another classic! My kids grew up with and loved this Bible filled with typically chosen Bible stories for children, so it's fun that I can review it and give away two copies, especially right before Christmas, so they can be given to two more children as presents. I … Continue reading The Beginner’s Bible Review

Ellie Claire Art Journals Review and Giveaway

by Heather Bock Oh my goodness, how excited was I when I opened the box that contained three Ellie Claire art journals that I have the blessing to review and give away! They looked cute on the website where I signed up for this promotion, but they were so much cuter in person. If I … Continue reading Ellie Claire Art Journals Review and Giveaway