God Isn’t Fond of Complaining

by Heather Bock I'm an external processor--you know, one of those people who pretty much has to talk out loud in order to think (preferably to someone else). I don't know if this is common for external processors, but it makes sense to me that it would be--I also have a problem with complaining. I … Continue reading God Isn’t Fond of Complaining


Fear at the Door: The Difficulties of Fostering

by Heather Bock Greg and I began the process of fostering to adopt about three weeks ago. We started the online classes, began attending the classes in-house with our agency, and checked off the first items on the somewhat overwhelming list of what we need to complete before we can say yes to a potential … Continue reading Fear at the Door: The Difficulties of Fostering

Jesus Loved, So He Waited

by Heather Bock Jesus was friends with a family in Bethany, two sisters and a brother: Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. At one time, Mary had sat at Jesus' feet to hear Him speak while her sister worked hard to prepare something good for Him to eat. Now Lazarus was seriously ill. The sisters knew Jesus … Continue reading Jesus Loved, So He Waited