The Heart of Fostering

by Heather Bock On January 7, a one-week old sleeping baby girl, head tilted to the side as she lay dwarfed in her infant car seat, was gently set down in our entryway. We had been officially licensed to foster for a week and a half, and although this girl was the first to enter our … Continue reading The Heart of Fostering


A Thirty-Six Year Journey

by Heather Bock My journey began thirty-six years ago. You see, I'm about to turn forty years old--a milestone that both disturbs me and heightens my desire to follow what I feel God has called me to do and live this life fully for Him. As Switchfoot sings: "Life is short; I want to live … Continue reading A Thirty-Six Year Journey

What Happens When the Healing Doesn’t Come?

by Heather Bock What happens when the healing doesn't come? I injured my calf almost a year ago running. I'm not sure why this injury still haunts me, but twinges of pain still occasionally shoot through the muscle now and then. As a result, I, the one who has been running since sixth grade, am … Continue reading What Happens When the Healing Doesn’t Come?