Not Hardly: Guest Post by Janet Surette

Last May, I attended Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference, an amazing conference that I wrote about earlier. While I was there, I met some sweet women strong in their faith. Two I was able to spend a lot of time with were the two beautiful women above. Why do some kindred spirits have to … Continue reading Not Hardly: Guest Post by Janet Surette


Anger, Part Six: Mirror

This reason for anger is the most disturbing to me. I think my anger flares the worst when Little E is exhibiting some of my same sin tendencies. I don't think it all out at the time, but when I see my own detestable sin in my children, I hate the behavior all the more. … Continue reading Anger, Part Six: Mirror

Anger, Part Five: Stress

Why would I write about anger on Christmas Eve? Christmas is supposed to be a happy time, right? It's a time for families to get together and look like those lovely people on holiday specials. We'll all smile and hug and love each other beautifully because God loved us so much He gave the gift … Continue reading Anger, Part Five: Stress