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    Teaching Our Kids to Live Generously: A Guest Post by Megan Lacefield

    Megan and I were at the same conference last February, a conference that changed me–LIT. Because of this conference, almost 300 of those who attended are in an active Facebook group, where many of us feel we have been knit together as sisters. Of course, then, when God gave me the opportunity to attend another conference, Declare, I immediately wrote to my LIT sisters and asked who was going to be there. Megan and a few others responded, and I was so glad when we were able to talk in person at Declare. I loved this girl and her personality as soon as I met her, and I know you’ll…

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    Do You Have Deferred Dreams?

    by Heather Bock “Aaahh! I don’t want to hear all this!” I wrote these words in my notes for a talk at the Declare Conference entitled “When God Changes Your Direction” by Jamie Bates. Her talk seemed to have been written directly for me, and I was both deeply encouraged and deeply challenged by it. I didn’t exactly enjoy the challenging parts too much. Her talk was about dreams delayed or even dying. It was about calls heard correctly but timing understood wrong. She talked of preparation before fulfillment. It was even about misunderstanding God’s end plan. Ouch. You see, I have