May We Stay Lit for Jesus, Our First Love


by Heather Bock

When I returned from LIT, a one-day conference for women in their 20s and 30s passionate about communicating Christ, put on by Living Proof Ministries, my husband was wary. He knew I was excited, and he was happy for me, but he was concerned. Continue reading

God is a Good Father, Overwhelming with Love


by Heather Bock

When I go through a period when the flame in my heart for Jesus is low, when I start going through the motions instead of clinging to Him, and when I sin and go against His Word, I expect God the Father to discipline me, to cause me to suffer.

I have some verses to back me up.  Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Church on Social Media


by Heather Bock

In the last couple of weeks, although I have witnessed the Church on social media demonstrating love, I have seen others abandoning love towards other members of the Church. I have seen the Church publicly disrespect and attack each other over disagreements on topics not essential to the faith. The lack of love is deeply disturbing to me. Continue reading