Can You Magnify God in the Midst of the Mundane?

by Heather Bock Thank You, God, for this beautiful day. Thank You for the amazing sunset that ended it. Thank You for the house we live in...although, hold on...I'm not so thankful for the expensive problem we have with drainage right now--water that runs right under our driveway, creating a tunnel that threatens the integrity … Continue reading Can You Magnify God in the Midst of the Mundane?


Passion “Whole Heart” CD Review

by Heather Bock Don't miss a chance to win a copy of this cd--see below! In the past month or so, God has been doing a new work in my heart. He has a whole curriculum set out for me perfectly tailored. You can be sure I will be writing about some of the books … Continue reading Passion “Whole Heart” CD Review

Thankfulness through the Storm

by Heather Bock As I've watched the videos and read the reports coming out of horrific flooding in Houston and other southern cities in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, one stood out among the rest: the story of Jeremiah Richard. ABC News aired videos of a helicopter lowering people by ones and twos to the … Continue reading Thankfulness through the Storm