Graduation Party

Congratulations to my husband, Dr. Gregory Bock!  On May 10, he participated in his graduation ceremony, which although it didn’t make his PhD official, did make it seem more real.  I can’t tell you how proud I am of him and how glad the stress of his PhD is over!




Afterwards, we had a small graduation party with apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and root beer floats.  Pinterest, as usual, was a huge help to me–gave me most of my ideas for homemade decorations.



Bookmarks (got the idea from this site) celebrating Greg’s growth as a party favor (although later I wondered who, besides me and his immediate family, would actually use these) and cookie diplomas:



These were the most fun–easy to make and looked the most like graduation caps out of the different recipes I found online.  I found these at Bakerella.


It was fun to make these little tassels out of embroidery floss, and since I made them the size and shape of the way embroidery floss is sold, they were very much more simple than the instructions I found here. I did find some fabric tassels that looked easy to make, but they weren’t going to work with my other decorations, and I think they would’ve been a tiny bit more expensive. I think the fabric ones are adorable, though (you can find them here), and I hope to make them someday!


Finally, above my congratulations banner on the mantel, I had progressive pictures of Greg, from three days after I was born (5 1/2 years old) to now.  These were a hit (especially the one from his sophomore year of high school)!


Now that he has his dissertation off his plate, he’s spending his time trying to publish papers in philosophic journals.  He doesn’t have to teach the first two months of the summer, so he’s spending a lot of time down at the UT library.  I’m just glad for the much lessened stress and flexible hours!

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