Little Man First Birthday Mustache Bash

JP turned one!  We celebrated with a trendy Little Man Mustache Bash filled with kitschy sayings.  Most of my ideas were from Pinterest, so I can’t take much credit for creativity, but here are some pictures!


I found most of the sign sayings online, but “have a milk mustache” was all Little E–my three year old.

Nobody ended up using these at the party, but we had a good time with them in the weeks following!

On the mantel, I had a large picture of JP with 11 small pictures of him going around it–one for every month of his life.

These bow ties were easy to sew. I glued them to hair clips so the boys could clip them onto their shirts. I slid the other bows onto headbands.

This party game was for the parents.

 I also had a game for the kids–pin the mustache on a big picture of JP–but I never got around to having them play it!

We did use the photobooth quite a bit, though!

Here’s the proof:

IMG_9137 IMG_9155 IMG_9148

I found these awesome finger mustache tattoos on Amazon and loved them!


We also borrowed from a Korean tradition, doljabi, where the child on his first birthday chooses from among an array of different objects that represent his future. JP chose from string–long life, a paintbrush–artist, a shoe–athlete, a computer mouse–techie, a magnifying glass–scientist, money–wealth, and a book–scholar. Everybody voted on what they thought he would pick, and the winners were given a candy bar–Mr. Goodbar, of course.

JP chose the magnifying glass, which I know made Greg’s parents proud, as they’re both scientists! We let him choose again because not very many people picked magnifying glass, and he chose long life next. Almost no one had picked that one, either, so we let him pick one more time. That time he picked athlete, so I guess he’ll be a long-living scientist who likes to play sports on the side!

Our party favors were fake mustaches, the homemade bow ties or hair bows on headbands, fake glasses with noses, and a couple finger mustache tattoos.

I would say more, but I really “mustache”!

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