Pixar Disney Cars Four Year Old Birthday Party

by Heather Bock


Welcome to JP’s 4th birthday party!

He’s getting close to five now, so I’m finally getting around to posting about his last birthday party. I thought I should do it before he has another one.

I had a lot of fun with the decorations!


While we were on a long car trip, I drew lines on some of the streamers to make them look like roads. I don’t know if anyone actually noticed, but it was simple and fun for me and the kids anyway.


I didn’t hang all of them:


Other decorations:

It’s a little hard to see, but behind this group is a “car wash”–streamers hanging down. It was a lot of fun for the kids to run through it! I got the idea here.


The kids helped make a few, too.

It was fun to find snacks and drinks that fit with the theme.

Of course, we ate at Flo’s Cafe:


At the refueling station…


…we had:

I loved the cups, the idea for which I found at this cute little Cars party. I printed the eyes on label paper, cut them out, and stuck them on all the cups.


For snacks, we had Luigi’s whitewall tires and Luigi’s leaning tower of tires (ideas here and here):

We had Fillmore’s organic veggies (although I don’t think they actually were organic–oops), fruit reminiscent of a traffic light (idea here)…

…Mater’s tater chips, and pretzel rod stop lights (idea here).

For activities, we had cars and trains set up inside.


Outside, we played “Red Light, Green Light,” of course.


We had Ramone come and do his magic with some pink and green paint on the kids’ hair:

We had the kids toss rings around the cozy cones:


And we played a fun game (idea here) with a water gun and car cups strung on two ropes. I printed the car parts onto label paper, which didn’t stick too well, but it was cute anyway. Whoever got their car to the end won!


I loved making the cupcakes–Maters (idea here, although I used mini Oreos instead of the Right Bites for the hood, I used mini marshmallows instead of frosting for the teeth, and I used opened up mini Oreos for the wheels) and Lightning McQueens (idea here)!


When they left, they were given Pixar Cars toys and stickers in goody bags.


I hope anybody else planning a Cars party can use some of these ideas!


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