The Two Most Courageous Women I Know

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The Two Most Courageous Women I Know Twitter

by Heather Bock

Who is the most courageous woman you know? As you consider this, remember that courage isn’t the absence of fear. Courage is facing fears when needed, standing or acting with bravery when you’d rather turn and run. In fact, those with no fears might be less courageous and more naïve (at least that’s what describes me sometimes). As I sought to answer this question, I couldn’t pick just one—I narrowed it down to two.

The first is a friend I’ve known for around thirteen years:

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0 thoughts on “The Two Most Courageous Women I Know

  1. Inspiring, Heather! Courage is a word I’ve been thinking a lot about lately because my 92 year old mother with cancer is living with me. Thanks for the encouraging message. It’s empowering to hear of others’ courage.

    1. Sometimes people say the brave people are those going through really hard times, and if they are going through it with a great attitude, I agree, but really, most of those people wouldn’t have chosen to get cancer or something else like that. I say this from the perspective of having several family members go through cancer, by the way. It really depends on the person whether they go through tragedy with courage or not. However, I wanted to focus on people who have courage day to day, not just when tragedy hits.

  2. It’s so encouraging when women are lifting up one another! That, in our culture of comparison and competition, also takes a bit of courage!

  3. I always admired my great-grandmother’s courage. She stood confidently in her faith day to day, even at the risk of her own personal well-being. She was quite the woman!

  4. Heather, I love that you pointed out that courage can come in ‘small’ sizes, ‘large’ sizes and everything in-between! And, thanks for the reminder that we can be courageous because of our trust in Jesus!

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