The Garden by Kari Jobe CD Review

by Heather Bock Read to the end for a giveaway of this cd! In "The Garden," the first track on the cd of the same name, Jobe starts by singing about how she was about to give up, desperate for peace. I first listened to her sing this song today, and when I heard her sing … Continue reading The Garden by Kari Jobe CD Review


God’s Love: Mother

As I continue this series on God's love, I've decided to go out of order this week from my original posts because of the special day it was this past Sunday: Mother's Day! One of the ways that God loves us is as a mother loves her child. I love this analogy because it's one … Continue reading God’s Love: Mother


Every Good Friday, as I contemplate the death of Jesus, I think about the death of my own father, who died eight years ago of pancreatic cancer on Good Friday itself. It's hard to think the timing of a loved one's death could be good no matter when it is--and my father's death was a … Continue reading Overcome