Who are Your Prayer Warriors?

by Heather Bock Tuesdays are always crazy for me. I'm part of a busy generation in the middle of a busy nation, so I'm sure you can relate. This week is even crazier because my oldest turned nine today, and I'm throwing him a birthday party on Saturday. Ever since he turned three, I have … Continue reading Who are Your Prayer Warriors?



We have an ugly stump in our backyard. Unfortunately (or should I say, fortunately?), this is the best picture I have of it. It's on the far right of the picture. The stump needs a sledge hammer and a strong arm at some point because the thing is obviously not going to grow into anything … Continue reading Stump

Story of a Dream Torn Away

Have you ever had to give up a dream? If you read my blog regularly, you may already be tired of hearing the word surrender. It seems to be a theme running through my life, but maybe it goes through every Christian's life. After all, Jesus told us to deny ourselves, to take up our … Continue reading Story of a Dream Torn Away