To You I Lift Up My Eyes

by Heather Bock Read to the end to find another giveaway I have for a refreshing book about prayer using encounters with Jesus.  A man with no use of his legs slumped in his usual dusty spot against the gate, his eyes mindlessly gazing at the feet of passersby. Whenever he saw any approaching, he … Continue reading To You I Lift Up My Eyes


Who are Your Prayer Warriors?

by Heather Bock Tuesdays are always crazy for me. I'm part of a busy generation in the middle of a busy nation, so I'm sure you can relate. This week is even crazier because my oldest turned nine today, and I'm throwing him a birthday party on Saturday. Ever since he turned three, I have … Continue reading Who are Your Prayer Warriors?


We have an ugly stump in our backyard. Unfortunately (or should I say, fortunately?), this is the best picture I have of it. It's on the far right of the picture. The stump needs a sledge hammer and a strong arm at some point because the thing is obviously not going to grow into anything … Continue reading Stump