Review of Quiet My Soul by Juliana Boudreaux


by Heather Bock

I have a short review today of a short devotional written by Juliana Boudreaux called Quiet My Soul: Devotionals for the Single Mom. Now, I am not a single mom, but I’m all for getting the message out about a book with the purpose of aiding single mothers in their sometimes very difficult journey. Juliana has a heart for helping single moms understand who they are in Christ, and this book reflects that desire.

This devotional has an entry for 31 days of reading with a very short message and a few related Scriptures per day. It can take less than five minutes to read each entry. I can imagine someone picking it up in the morning as a way to start her day out focused on Christ or in the evening as a quick way to end the day positively. Each devotion is focused on a topic with which a single mother might wrestle. For example, Juliana writes about divine interruptions, perseverance, forgiveness, and comfort, among others. I believe the audience in mind would be a younger believer, one who needs to grow in the truth.

One entry that I felt was helpful was Day 18–Divine Interruptions. In this one, Juliana reminds us that we shouldn’t get too upset when our day doesn’t go how we planned it. We always need to remain open to the plans God might have for us, plans that we might never have imagined. As a mother, I can always use this reminder because I deal with many regular interruptions of what I’ve laid out for the day, and I know I’m not alone.

If you or someone you know is a single mother, and if short, daily, simple devotionals would be helpful, I hope you’ll check out this book. You can find it at Amazon here.


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