The Justice of Joseph

by Heather Bock Reading the Christmas story this year made me start thinking about what it means to be righteous. I don’t mean the righteousness that covers us as a result of Christ’s death and resurrection, and the faith that we put in Him as our only salvation (Phil. 3:9). I’m talking about living righteously … Continue reading The Justice of Joseph


The Anger in Forgiveness: A Guest Post by Stacie Johnson

Stacie Johnson is my guest today, and I'm thankful she was willing to let me reprint her work to share with you. I met her in Knoxville, TN when she came to start her PhD in the same program as my husband. She was most recently a transplant from the same part of Southern California … Continue reading The Anger in Forgiveness: A Guest Post by Stacie Johnson

What is Your Debt? $12,000 Versus $7 Billion

by Heather Bock Don't miss the free Storybook Bible by Rick Warren that I'm giving away below! Sometimes I struggle to forgive right away. Sometimes grace is hard to conjure. Sometimes anger rises so fast the well-thought-out phrases aren't there for the taking; in my offense, the quick, biting words come to the surface instead. … Continue reading What is Your Debt? $12,000 Versus $7 Billion