Jesus Loved, So He Waited

by Heather Bock Jesus was friends with a family in Bethany, two sisters and a brother: Mary, Martha, and Lazarus. At one time, Mary had sat at Jesus' feet to hear Him speak while her sister worked hard to prepare something good for Him to eat. Now Lazarus was seriously ill. The sisters knew Jesus … Continue reading Jesus Loved, So He Waited


Evil Cats

We have had serious animal drama around here, and it doesn't even mainly have to do with the large gray animal I found heading into a large tunnel under our driveway. It all started with one small sweet cat on a Saturday afternoon. She didn't seem like she'd bring anybody trouble; she was a beautiful … Continue reading Evil Cats

Third Verse; Same Song

At first, for the most part, I was dealing with stress because of our upcoming move to Texas. Then, I was dealing more with chaos as a result of our impending move to Texas. Now, it's mainly grief over the goodbyes we had to say because of our move to Texas. As I said, third … Continue reading Third Verse; Same Song