Evil Cats

We have had serious animal drama around here, and it doesn't even mainly have to do with the large gray animal I found heading into a large tunnel under our driveway. It all started with one small sweet cat on a Saturday afternoon. She didn't seem like she'd bring anybody trouble; she was a beautiful … Continue reading Evil Cats


Third Verse; Same Song

At first, for the most part, I was dealing with stress because of our upcoming move to Texas. Then, I was dealing more with chaos as a result of our impending move to Texas. Now, it's mainly grief over the goodbyes we had to say because of our move to Texas. As I said, third … Continue reading Third Verse; Same Song

True Closeness

I have some amazing friends who I consider more family than friends, girls to whom I can tell almost anything, who would do anything for me (and have), and for whom I would do anything, as well.  However, true emotional closeness with a friend is still something for which I long, something I've wanted all my life, ever … Continue reading True Closeness