Spring/Summer Wreath

I wanted to make a spring wreath this year, which never happened, so then I decided to make a summer wreath (which can double as a spring wreath next year, I think).  It's still July, so I can say that I made it in time to get my summer wreath on the door!  I can't say … Continue reading Spring/Summer Wreath


Resurrection Eggs

We spent the past nine days opening up resurrection eggs every morning--I got my ideas on how to put them together from this blog, which I found on Pinterest.  I tweaked the blog author's ideas a tiny bit, but I mostly followed what she had.  If you're not familiar with resurrection eggs, each egg contains … Continue reading Resurrection Eggs

Fall Wreath

Here's a fall wreath I did (barely made it for fall, huh?).  I got all my ideas from different places on the Internet.  I think I need to iron the ribbon--I found it in my ribbon box, and it worked surprisingly well!  I've realized that I really love doing crafts!