Resurrection Eggs

We spent the past nine days opening up resurrection eggs every morning–I got my ideas on how to put them together from this blog, which I found on Pinterest.  I tweaked the blog author’s ideas a tiny bit, but I mostly followed what she had.  If you’re not familiar with resurrection eggs, each egg contains verses that tell part of the resurrection story.  I started mine with the Last Supper.  Along with the verses are tiny objects that represent that part of the story.  For example, there’s a tiny stone with the verses telling about the stone in front of Jesus’ tomb, a thorn in with the crown of thorn verses, and 3 dimes with the verses telling of Judas’ betrayal.


Of course, I paraphrased the verses so that my two and four year old could understand the story, but I also added something to the resurrection eggs to help them better picture what was going on in the story.  Below you can see my wreath of pictures.  I got this idea from Ann Voskamp on her blog, “A Holy Experience,” although I can’t find the particular pictures right now to create a link.  Ann used a lenten tree to hang pictures on each day.  I didn’t have any good spring branches, so I decided to use a wreath instead.  Each day, I added one picture (that I found from a Google search) that went with the verses that I read.  So it ended up that I paraphrased the verses while the kids fingered the item for the day and looked at the picture that represented the verses.  Mr. C would come back and look at the wreath through the day (which was hung at his level) and retell the story to himself.  We also made a dish garden with grass seed growing up over a small tomb made out of a tiny empty flower pot buried under the dirt–found this here.  I was able to teach them through the garden that even though the seed is buried and looks like it’s dead, God makes it come to life when we water it and give it sunlight.  I was able to explain that Jesus IS the water of life and the light of the world, so death couldn’t keep Him down.


It was all very good–I definitely will do it again next year–and I could tell that at least Mr. C was really starting to get the story–but by the end of the ten days, we had talked a lot about some very heavy things, and we were all ready for the celebration of Easter, of Jesus rising from the dead!!

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